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Platform Announcements

Discover our latest platform announcements and updates on your favorite Apifon features.

27 July 2020

20+ Ready-made email templates to jumpstart your email marketing!

Use our 20+ ready-made email templates and start making some noise on your audience’s inbox.
06 July 2020

Keep your marketing on track with our new dashboard

Our new dashboard works wonders, doesn’t it? Let’s take a closer look at all its functions!
04 June 2020

User Roles & Permissions: Together you work better

At Apifon we believe in the dynamics of teamwork, and do our best to facilitate it.
04 May 2020

Email campaigns: Made easier than ever

At Apifon, we are on the mission to make email marketing better. And we are loving every second of it.
19 September 2019

Introducing marketing tools

Marketing tools, Sign Up Forms, GDPR Communication Options and Landing Campaigns are here to make your business stand out!
02 November 2018

Introducing Short URLs

URL shortener is a best tool for businesses and marketers to convert long and ugly URLS into short and attractive urls. We introduce you to our latest feature: URL Shortener.
26 September 2018

Introducing Viber Subscription Balance

Our new viber subscription balance will help you learn more about your balance and provide you with instant views so you can stay always informed.