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29 March 2024

Unlock targeted communications: Introducing the select-exclude multiple segments feature

We are excited to introduce a new addition in campaigns and automations to level up your segmentation efforts.


In this product release: 

To best meet the needs of all brands, we've made significant enhancements to our segmentation tool that allows selecting or excluding multiple segments within a single campaign or automation. Our new multitargeting feature allows targeting multiple subscriber segments within a single campaign/automation, while the segment exclusion feature lets you exclude specific segments within a single campaign/automation setup. Moreover, you can select custom and prebuilt segments to be combined as included or excluded. This update is crucial for all users who want to communicate more effectively with their audience.

The challenge

Efficiently reaching multiple segments simultaneously without targeting the entire subscriber list can be challenging. Additionally, dynamically excluding segments based on campaign objectives can be difficult without granular control over target audiences, which would require creating additional segments.

That is why this feature is crucial for targeting customers and creating the ideal content for all types of subscribers, whether they are actively and consistently interacting with your business or inactive subscribers.

The solution

Our solution now includes a multitargeting feature that streamlines the outreach process, allowing users to deliver customized content to multiple groups simultaneously, enhancing campaign effectiveness. By efficiently reaching various segments, we provide a more comprehensive and personalized messaging experience for our brands. Additionally, the segment exclusion feature eliminates the need to create new segments for exclusion purposes, further streamlining the process.

For more information, visit our knowledge base: Select-exclude multiple segments in campaigns and automations (

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