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Need advice on new mobile channels? Want to understand the mystery of personalization? You’ve come to the right place.

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We’ll walk you through the basics of messaging to get you started and give some valuable tips along the way to help keep you on the right path.

Messaging tips

Know more, do more!

Marketing tips and ideas by our messaging experts to help you grow your business. Learn our secrets and unfold your power!

getting started with Apifon's Viber Business 02 June 2021

Getting started with Apifon’s Viber Business

Welcome to the amazing world of Apifon’s Viber Business! Learn more about available features and how you can get started now.

messaging tips-6 SMS messaging stats to surprise you 19 April 2019

6 SMS messaging stats to surprise you

Take a look at 6 important SMS messaging stats that will certainly convince you to integrated the valuable SMS messaging channel into your…

messaging tips-GDPR how to send messages that people trust 26 March 2019

GDPR: How to send messages that people trust

Data is enormously valuable for any business out there. It helps us build new tools, gain new insights and eventually leads to growth. Keep…

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Platform Announcements

Discover our latest platform announcements and updates on your favorite Apifon features.

image 27 July 2020

20+ Ready-made email templates to jumpstart your email marketing!

Use our 20+ ready-made email templates and start making some noise on your audience’s inbox.

image 06 July 2020

Keep your marketing on track with our new dashboard

Our new dashboard works wonders, doesn’t it? Let’s take a closer look at all its functions!

image 04 June 2020

User Roles & Permissions: Together you work better

At Apifon we believe in the dynamics of teamwork, and do our best to facilitate it.

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