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13 February 2024

Apifon and Rakuten Viber unveiled the future of business messaging

In an enlightening gathering on January 23 at the Museum of Cycladic Art, Apifon and Rakuten Viber shared insights into the evolving landscape of business communication.


The event, attended by industry leaders, including Rakuten Viber's CEO, Ofir Eyal, alongside Apifon's representatives, highlighted the latest trends and advancements in business messaging solutions. 

The collaboration between Apifon and Rakuten Viber marks a significant stride towards redefining how businesses connect with their customers. The synergy of the two companies was evident as they outlined a shared vision aimed at enhancing business communication through innovative messaging services. 

Ofir Eyal emphasized the longstanding partnership and mutual confidence between the companies, stating, "For over eight years, we've aligned our goals and vision, solidifying our commitment to the evolution of Viber into a super app that offers unparalleled opportunities for businesses." 

A key highlight of the event was the introduction of Apifon's advanced platform capabilities, which empower businesses to centralize data management and engage customers with timely, personalized Viber messages. This "smart" segmentation tool is designed to refine customer interactions and elevate the user experience. 

Konstantinos Strubakis, CEO of Apifon, reflected on the partnership's success, remarking, "Our alliance with Rakuten Viber signifies a pivotal achievement. It's a testament to the remarkable outcomes possible when companies with shared visions unite." 

The launch of Viber Business Calls was announced, marking a new era for business communications. Discussions also delved into recent market trends and the impact of Rakuten Viber's services on Greek enterprises, setting the stage for a future where business messaging continues to transform the landscape of customer engagement. 

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