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Who We Are

Apifon is a technology company that develops business messaging services.
Through Apifon platform businesses can grow their audience, create multichannel messaging campaigns, measure their performance and enable marketing automations to increase revenues and improve customer experience.

our culture

Our Working Environment

The key to success is a working environment built on trust, mutual goals and love for what we do. Our listening and learning culture has created an inspired community where creative ideas turn into innovative solutions and help businesses grow.

Our Success Story

Apifon born

Apifon is born

When we realized that we couldn't find a suitable direct marketing tool, we decided to take a leap of faith and create our own. And so… Apifon was born.

Time to grow image

Time to grow

Apifon’s getting bigger; a handful of ambitious individuals join their forces and create a passionate, powerful #1 team.

Time to grow image

From new HQ with love

Well, we needed more space since there were already 15 of us; hence, we moved into a new, much larger workplace. By the way, it’s interior architecture rocks!

Up and running

Up & Running!

Our new mobile messaging platform is up and running. Apifon’s web dashboard gave the ability to businesses and marketers to send thousands of messages to their customers right from their desktops.

Up and running
Dream Bigger

Dream bigger, go bigger!

Apifon launches the first Viber business messaging campaign in Greece. At the same time, Google revolutionizes technology with the release of the disruptive RCS and invites Apifon to become part of it.

Hola Apifon

Holá Apifon!

We didn’t want to keep all the fun for ourselves, so we've expanded into two new locations: Athens and Madrid. We love travelling, so we needed a serious excuse!

Hola Apifon
50 apifoners

To infinity and beyond!

Back in 2014, Apifon was an aspiring team of five. Sounds awesome to hear that in 2019 we became more than 50 Apifoners across Europe, spreading innovative solutions to the world.


Leading the market!

In 2020 more than 1 billion messages were sent through Apifon’s platform! A market leader in Greece, we keep growing with a more than 50% rate.



Our trophy case includes various awesome prizes, but there’s something we’ve earned and cannot be seen there; and that’s our customers’ trust – thanks to which, we continue to create and succeed.

2018 2020
40 under 40
Furtune Greece
Envolve Entrepreneurship
Disrupt Greece
European Business
Stelios Awards
for young entrepreneurs


Our partnerships make us special and proud.
The most successful companies around the globe want to work with us!