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Take your Sign-Ups to the next level

Enhance interaction with QR codes

Create, download, and print dynamic QR codes to amplify your business marketing activities in the physical and digital world.

Key Features

Optimize the functionality of sign-up forms and landing pages by integrating QR codes seamlessly using Apifon’s platform. Provide your customers with instant access and a simplified experience!

  • Easy design
    Design and download QR codes effortlessly for sign-up forms and landing pages without technical skills.
  • Multiple applications
    Harness the power of QR codes in flyers, posters, and social media. Print and use anywhere to increase the reach of your promotions.
  • Enhance interaction
    Ιncrease engagement with your brand by providing instant access to sign-up forms and landing pages through a simple smartphone scan.
  • Experience Improvement
    Drive customer engagement and conversions with QR code access to landing pages. Showcase products, offer promotions, and personalize experiences for brand interactions.

Increase interaction and expand your contact list


Start by designing a sign-up form for data collection or a landing page for marketing activities.


Generate the QR code for your form or landing page using the Apifon platform's generator with just one click.


Print the QR code on various marketing materials such as flyers, posters, or product packaging. Make sure the QR code is easily visible and accessible to customers.

Offer Incentives

Encourage customers to sign up by offering special discounts, promotions, or free products/services as incentives.


Customers interested in signing up for your products or services can scan the QR code using their smartphone camera or a dedicated QR code scanner app.

Collect data

The information collected during the sign-up process is stored and available in your SMS, Viber, and email campaigns.

Use Cases

In-Store Sign-Ups

Display QR codes near the checkout counter or throughout the store to encourage customers to sign up for newsletters, loyalty programs, or exclusive discounts. Customers can scan the QR codes with their smartphones and provide information instantly.

Product Promotions

Include QR codes on product packaging or promotional materials to offer customers additional product information, exclusive offers, or access to product tutorials or demos. This interactive experience enhances customer engagement and increases the chances of conversion.


Participating in events or trade shows can leverage QR codes on booth displays or promotional materials. Attendees can quickly scan the QR codes to access sign-up forms or landing pages to receive more information, enter contests, or receive event-specific promotions.

Restaurant Menus and Takeout

Restaurants and food establishments can incorporate QR codes on their menus or takeout packaging. Customers can scan the QR codes to sign up for newsletters, receive menu updates, or explore special promotions and discounts.

Offline to Online Conversion

Businesses with physical locations can bridge the gap between offline and online by using QR codes. For example, a boutique clothing store can place QR codes on tags or signage, allowing customers to scan and explore additional product details, access online shopping options, or join the store's loyalty program.

Print Advertising

Businesses running print advertisements, brochures, or flyers can include QR codes to encourage readers to subscribe to newsletters, access exclusive content, or redeem special offers. This integrates traditional marketing efforts with digital engagement.

Social Media Connection

Leverage QR codes on their social media platforms by sharing them in posts or profile descriptions. Users can quickly scan the QR codes and access sign-up forms, landing pages, or exclusive social media promotions.


How do QR codes work?

QR codes encode information like URLs, text, or contact details into a two-dimensional barcode. Users scan the QR code using their smartphone's camera or a QR code scanner app, which decodes the information and directs them to the intended destination, such as a sign-up form or landing page.
Can I use the QR codes in online and offline marketing materials?

Absolutely! QR codes are versatile and applicable in both online and offline marketing materials. You can incorporate them into digital assets like websites, social media posts, or email and print them on physical materials such as flyers, posters, product packaging, or business cards. This versatility enables you to maximize exposure across various channels.
Are the sign-up forms and landing pages mobile-friendly?

Yes, the sign-up forms and landing pages generated through our platform are mobile-friendly. They are designed to ensure a seamless user experience across different devices, including smartphones and tablets, facilitating easy access and interaction for your audience.
Can QR codes be updated or changed after they have been printed?

Once a QR code is printed, it cannot be changed or updated. However, you can generate a new QR code with the updated information and replace the old one. You should ensure that any printed QR codes are up-to-date and accurately direct users to the desired sign-up forms or landing pages.
Do I need special equipment or software to generate QR codes?

No, our platform provides a user-friendly QR code generator tool that requires no special equipment or software. You only need a device with an internet connection to create and customize QR codes for your business registration forms and landing pages quickly and easily.
What are the benefits of using QR codes for sign-up forms and landing pages?

Using QR codes for sign-up forms and landing pages offers several benefits. They provide a convenient and contactless way for customers to access information and act. QR codes are cost-effective and can be used across various marketing materials, enabling you to reach a wider audience.