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We are the roads

Using multiple marketing channels in your business, is like driving in a complex highway full of traffic. Apifon is working alongside your marketing, so you can save time, money and focus on your customers.

SMS mobile screen

Simple. Fast. Effective.

SMS is the only mobile channel that allows you to message users directly without needing an app. With average open rate of over 90%, you can’t afford to ignore the power of SMS messaging.

Viber mobile screen

Moving beyond the ordinary

Benefit from both Viber’s rich content features and reasonable prices. Take advantage of this consumer-first app and reach your customers directly to their favorite channel - Viber.

Email mobile screen

The king of ROI

The highest ROI since forever. This cost-effective marketing channel can help you build brand awareness, drive customer engagement and increase sales!

RCS mobile screen

The new generation of SMS

RCS upgrades SMS with branding, rich media, interactivity and analytics. With RCS, businesses can bring branded and interactive mobile experiences, on the native messaging app.

Whatsapp mobile screen

The ultimate business messaging channel

Send and receive WhatsApp messages and provide greater customer support. Use the app to send secure automated notifications and enjoy a direct communication with your customers. Request early access.

Messenger mobile screen

World’s most popular messaging app

1.3 billion people use Messenger every day. If you want to address the audience of the world’s most popular messaging app, request your early access.

Explore the benefits of multichannel messaging

Apifon Channels Benefits Connect Directly with Customers

Connect directly with your customers

Unlike mass advertising (Facebook, Google, etc), which is focused to promote your message to everyone, direct messaging is more cost-effective, because it’s applied to consumers who are already engaged with your brand and are more likely to buy.

Apifon Channels Benefits Do it all in one place

Do it all in one place

As customers use multiple messaging apps, companies struggle to find the right channel to reach them. We make it easy to handle multiple channels, using just a single platform.

Apifon Channels Benefits Increase your ROI

Increase your ROI

Instead of wasting your budget on many different channels, you simply need to focus on the ones that matter. We help you choose the optimum combination of channels and get better results.

Apifon Channels Benefits Create better campaigns

Create better campaigns

Create messaging campaigns like a pro with the powerful, yet easy to use, campaign builder. Boost your marketing with even more effective features like personalized fields, shorten URL and channel failover.

Apifon Channels Benefits Send messages through the API

Send messages through the API

Send automatic messages and notifications in response to any action directly from your CRM and CMS systems, shopping platforms and online services.