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Build long-lasting relationships, drive results

Connect with your customers on Viber, one of the most popular messaging apps. With Apifon you can inform your customers, create promotions, and provide instant support.

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Benefits of Viber Business Messaging

Global Reach
Available in over 190 countries and 40+ languages, with 1.1 billion users.

Rich Content
A wide range of elements is available, e.g. buttons, videos, and stickers.

Reliable Messaging
Trusted by distinguished companies for its high-security level.

Failover to SMS
Messages automatically switch to SMS if recipients don't use Viber.

Branded Sender ID
The brand name and logo are shown alongside the verified mark.

average open rate

minutes spend on Viber per day

smartphone users in Greece have Viber

BoConcept consolidates Viber Business Messaging
in Apifon and boosts traffic and sales.

How to achieve better results with Viber for Business?

Advanced analytics

Use advanced analytics to make data-driven decisions for more successful Viber messaging campaigns and stronger customer relationships. Gain valuable insights into campaign performance and audience engagement.
Dynamic Integrations

Integrate Apifon into your e-commerce or CRM platform to gather all your data in one place and easily send targeted automated messages, such as back-in-stock alerts.
Smart Segmentation

Utilize Apifon's segmentation tools to target the right audience and send personalized Viber campaigns based on customer engagement, campaign interaction, and shopping activity. Include the recipient's name for more customized content.
Two-way messaging

Simplify troubleshooting with one-to-one conversations or chatbots for swift issue resolution. Boost your sales support and lead nurturing efforts. Additionally, gather valuable feedback and reviews to improve your services.