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Reach the right audience,
boost conversions.

Τransform data into insights and send messages to the right people at the right time, boosting customer engagement.

Ready to enhance your business effectiveness with segmentation?

  • Target the right audience
    Organize your list and identify your ideal customers actively and consistently interacting with your business.
  • Craft Omnichannel Campaigns
    Utilize segmentation to reach buyers through omnichannel campaigns, including SMS, Viber, and email.

  • Uncover New Opportunities
    Track your customers' habits to gain an edge over the competition and create a strong brand presence.

  • Harness Real-Time Updates
    Segments automatically update as customers interact with your e-commerce platform and marketing campaigns.

"Say goodbye to bulk messaging and leverage our pre-built segments to save more on your communications and boost revenue."

Send the right message, at the right time, to the right person

E-commerce segments

Bring your data by syncing your e-commerce or CRM platform with Apifon's integrations, then use our pre-built e-commerce segments to create targeted campaigns based on your customers' purchasing and engagement activities.

Prebuilt messaging segments

Utilize our ready-made segments for common targeted strategies focusing on subscriber engagement and campaign interaction. Our segments include the tags, Newcomers, Active Subscribers, Last campaigns, Idle Subscribers, and Loyal Customers, streamlining the segmentation process.

Custom segments

Craft precise audience segments by adding conditions according to your needs. This allows you to focus on customers most likely to engage and convert. You can create segments based on customers' first names, enabling you to send them personalized messages on their name day.


What is Segmentation?

Segmentation on the Apifon platform allows you to send campaigns to specific and well-organized segments of your lists. Segments can help you organize your lists and send targeted campaigns instead of messages to the entire list. Each segment includes subscribers that adhere to specific conditions, depending on the data on your list.
How does Segmentation work?

You can choose a specific segment in Step 1 of a Messaging Campaign. Segments can be custom-made by your business or ready-made by Apifon.
What are ready-made segments in Apifon?

Ready-made segments are pre-built segments that are automatically generated whenever a new list is created. These segments include highly engaged subscribers, engaged subscribers of the last campaign/last three campaigns, disengaged subscribers of the last campaign/last three campaigns, engaged subscribers for the past (30/60/90 days), disengaged subscribers, and new subscribers (email/mobile).
What are pre-built e-commerce segments?

Pre-built e-commerce segments are automatically created for every new list generated during an integration setup and present as default, ready-to-use segments. These segments include new customers, recent buyers (30/90 days), nonbuyers (30/90 days), frequent buyers, and lapsed customers.