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Unlock the power of date-based automations

Connect more with your people by reaching out to them on important days.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

  • Speed up processes
    Convert your regularly sent campaigns to automations to save time and increase ROIs.

  • Personalize messages
    Create personalized and targeted communication based on unique user activities. 

  • Maintain consistency
    Automated workflows ensure a consistent experience for each contact.

  • Scale your efforts easily
    Reach a larger audience without spending more time and resources on manual tasks.

  • Celebrate milestones
    Celebrate sign-up anniversaries and birthdays to show your customers how much you appreciate them.

The process of setting up and using date-based automations

Pick your starting point

Choose from our powerful Date-based automation trigger options: Recurring date, Specific date, or Subscriber created date.

Design your email

Spice up your email game with our user-friendly drag-and-drop builder and ready-to-use templates, designing a perfect email for every occasion.

Start celebrating important days

Want to make sure that you will never miss an important day? Just turn on the automation.


Which channels are available for automations?

As of now, automations are only available via email.
How do you schedule an email in Apifon?

To schedule an email in Apifon, set up a date-based email automation. Begin by selecting a trigger type. The date-based automations will include four trigger types: Recurring date (Yearly), Recurring date (Monthly), Specific date, and Subscriber created date. Date-based automations will be triggered by a date that is stored as a property within a list. Once you choose a date property for your date-based email automation, the next step is to design your email. Select one of Apifon’s ready-made templates and use the drag-and-drop builder, or craft your custom email from scratch! When you are ready to activate your date-based email automation, your emails will be automatically sent on the date you have specified for each subscriber.
Can you exclude specific subscribers? Is it possible to use segments?

Yes, during the second step of the wizard, you can choose the segment you want to utilize for automation.
Can you use a personalized field?

Yes, you can use a personalized field in the “To” field, the “Subject” and the “Preview Text” of the Message settings. You can also use personalized fields in the email body, while creating the content in the email builder.