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Bring your data in with seamless integrations

Connect Apifon to your e-commerce or CRM platform to create highly targeted and relevant communication strategies.

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Here's a few good reasons to integrate

Effortless data sync
Eliminate the need for manual processes, ensuring real-time data flow.

Upheld data security
Reinforce customer trust guaranteeing zero data leakage.

Enriched segmentation
Leverage e-commerce segments for targeted communications.

E-commerce metrics
Gain insights into customer behavior, value, and purchasing habits.

Reach potential customers
Expand your audience through forms, QR-codes and landing pages.

More ways to connect your data


Connect your application using Apifon’s API and optimize the communication with your customers.

Bring your own provider

With Apifon's routing system, you can bring your provider for message delivery while leveraging Mookee for marketing services.

API Bridge

API Bridge connects your existing integrations with our platform without needing to be rebuilt from scratch.

Drive results by integrating your entire tech stack

E-commerce segments

Benefit from real-time data incorporated into e-commerce segments automatically generated by Apifon post-integration to tailor your marketing strategies.
E-commerce metrics

Track your e-shop's performance using valuable e-commerce metrics to understand customer behavior better, enabling you to make informed decisions.
Real-time updates

Status updates to customers informing them at key points during the delivery process, such as when the order has shipped and is on its way to the customer's destination.