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21 March 2024

Introducing Apifon and Shopify integration

Apifon announces integration with Shopify to empower brands to retain and grow their sales.


Shopify users can leverage Apifon’s marketing platform benefits, featuring robust channels like email, Viber, and SMS. The seamless e-commerce integration allows Shopify users to synchronize all their historical and real-time data, ensuring they can stay on top of every interaction people have with their site. This integration enables personalized communications and unlocks additional capabilities such as segmentation, campaigns, automations, and more.

Some reasons to integrate your Shopify store:

Utilize pre-built segments

With pre-built e-commerce segments automatically created for every new list generated during an integration setup, you can create targeted campaigns based on your customers' purchasing and engagement activities. That way, you can spot customers who are more engaged with your e-shop, increase the return on your marketing efforts, and enhance the value of each buyer. Additionally, you can focus your marketing campaigns on specific segments, such as subscriber engagement and campaign interaction, to improve your results.

Automate your actions

  • Deliver relevant and timely messaging to your audience with date-based automations when you sync your account with Shopify’s customer data.
  • Send personalized birthday and sign-up anniversary email messages to start celebrating important customer moments and show them how valued they are to you.

Collect valuable data

Apart from the Shopify audience data synchronized with the list, the historical data regarding the orders made in Shopify are also retrieved. More specifically, for every order, Apifon retrieves the following information:

  • Order ID (identifier of the order in Shopify),
  • Order date/time,
  • Order status,
  • Order total (total amount of the purchased items),
  • Customer ID (identifier of the customer that placed the order in Shopify),
  • Customer email (email of the customer that placed the order in Shopify).

Harness powerful e-commerce metrics

With e-commerce metrics, you can optimize your understanding of customer value and purchase frequency and allocate resources more efficiently. This strategy enhances decision-making, promoting success for your e-shop.

Apifon's platform revolutionizes how merchants harness customer data, offering invaluable insights into preferences and purchasing habits. This allows brands to create targeted communications that captivate, engage, and retain customers.

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