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29 May 2024

New campaign segments: Identify the campaigns that capture your audience

We are excited to announce a new enhancement to our segmentation capabilities, two pre-built segments designed to improve your ability to target your audience based on their interactions with your campaigns.


These new segments will help you understand your subscribers' engagement levels and tailor your future communications for maximum impact.

New Segments Available

1. Last Campaign Clicked

This segment includes subscribers actively engaging with your most recent campaign by clicking on its links or calls to action. These subscribers have shown a keen interest in the content presented, indicating a higher likelihood of responsiveness to future communications.

By focusing on this segment, you can:

  • Reinforce Engagement: Send follow-up messages to nurture their interest.
  • Offer Special Promotions: Reward their engagement with exclusive offers.
  • Gather Feedback: Understand what they liked to refine future content.

2. Last Campaign Not Clicked

This segment comprises subscribers who did not engage with your most recent campaign. These subscribers have not clicked on any links or calls to action, indicating a lack of interaction or interest in the content presented.

Targeting this segment allows you to:

  • Re-engage Subscribers: Provide incentives such as discount codes to capture their attention.
  • Test New Types of Content: Experiment with varied content, subject lines, or design.
  • Understand Preferences: Identify patterns that might explain the lack of engagement such as shipping times, desired channels, etc., and adjust your campaigns accordingly.

NOTE: Both segments are pre-built options within your list and campaign/automation wizard.

Understanding which campaigns resonate with your audience is key to refining your marketing efforts. By leveraging these new segments, you can increase open rates by tailoring your content to match the interests of your most engaged or inactive subscribers, reduce unsubscribes by avoiding irrelevant content for those who are less responsive, and boost conversion rates by focusing your efforts on subscribers who are more likely to convert.

Explore more segments on the Apifon platform. 

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