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14 May 2024

5 ways to reduce unsubscribes

In this article we will explore effective tactics to minimize unsubscribes from your lists and cultivate robust relationships with your audience.


When a user opts out of receiving email or other communications from a specific sender, such as a business that sends newsletters, SMS, and Viber messages for promotional purposes, it's called unsubscribe.

When users opt out, their contact details are deleted from the sender's subscription or contact list, and they will not receive further messages from the sender unless they decide to opt back in the future.

Why do people unsubscribe from your communications?

High message frequency: Subscribers may feel overwhelmed when they receive too many messages from a business, leading them to unsubscribe to declutter their inbox.

Poor design: Poorly designed messages or emails can give the impression that your business is not meeting customer expectations due to low-quality content.

Lack of audience segmentation: Why would anyone remain subscribed to a marketing list that doesn't resonate with them? Sending promotions or information unrelated to the recipients' interests can make them feel disconnected from your messages, prompting them to opt out.

Misleading Practices: Recipients who detect false or misleading information in message headers or content may opt to unsubscribe, reflecting a loss of trust in the sender.

What increased unsubscribe may indicate

Low-Value Content

A rising unsubscribe rate could suggest that the content is of low quality or not aligned with the audience's interests. It may also imply that the content is being sent to an inappropriate customer segment.

Marketing Ineffectiveness

The unsubscribe rate is a crucial metric for evaluating the effectiveness of your campaign. A high unsubscribe rate may indicate inadequate planning, necessitating a re-evaluation of campaign goals and implementation strategies.

Negative brand reputation

When numerous subscribers opt out of your list, your company's reputation can be damaged. This can be interpreted as a signal that people are dissatisfied or uninterested in your content or services, which can create a negative image of your company and reduce consumer trust.

5 best practices to reduce unsubscribe rate

The truth is that you may not be able to prevent subscribers from leaving your digital community, but you can reduce the chances by implementing some effective practices:

1. Personalized communication

Email list segmentation allows you to send targeted emails to specific groups of recipients, ensuring that your messages are relevant to their interests. Personalized communication and tailored experiences are pivotal in cultivating robust, long-term relationships with your subscribers.

2. Great user experience

Consistency in providing quality, useful, and relevant content is vital to building trust with your subscribers. Maintaining a defined brand identity contributes to brand awareness and enhances the brand name. Subscribers are more likely to remain engaged when they recognize your business's character and aesthetic.

Caution: It's vital to ensure that your communications display correctly on devices of all sizes, including desktops, laptops, and smartphones.

3. Feedback collection

Make sure to gather feedback from your audience about the content they want to receive from your business. Understanding your subscribers' interests will help you adjust your marketing strategy to prevent unsubscribes and increase user interaction.

4. Don't send too many messages

It's frustrating to sign up for a mailing list only to receive daily emails from the company. To avoid this, it's important to understand how often your subscribers want to hear from you. Experiment with your email campaigns to find the right frequency. If you notice a high unsubscribe rate, consider adjusting the frequency of your emails. For instance, if you currently send two campaigns a week, try reducing it to one and see how it affects your performance.

5. Include an unsubscribe option

It's crucial to offer an easy unsubscribe option across all communication channels. Ensure that every communication includes an unsubscribe link, providing your audience with a sense of autonomy and control over their subscription preferences.

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