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26 September 2018

Introducing Viber Subscription Balance

Our new viber subscription balance will help you learn more about your balance and provide you with instant views so you can stay always informed.

whats-new-introducing viber subscription balance

In order to send a Viber messaging campaign, you have to enable a Viber sender ID. To enable a Viber sender ID a monthly subscription plan must be purchased. There is a set of pricelist that indicates the number of Viber messages an account can get with a Viber subscription plan.

Account Balance

We’ve already introduced a better way to manage your account balance. Now, in the account balance menu there are two sections. The first one describes the available and total account balance and the other shows the available and total Viber subscription balance.

Viber Subscription Balance

Through the Viber subscription balance, you can check the enabled Viber Sender ID and its expiration date. The total Viber subscription balance indicates the price amount that was charged for the subscription and the available subscription balance shows the remaining amount. Please, consider that the available Viber subscription balance may fluctuate due to the currently status of a Viber message.

Viber Messages Status

You can track the click-through rate of your short URL in both SMS and Viber communication channels and get the inside scoop of your campaigns. You can also track which and how many of your recipients have clicked or not on your call to action and instantly measure how it performed.

A Viber message is charged on attempt and based on its status:PENDING: Viber message is charged from the available Viber subscription balance.

DELIVERED: Viber message was delivered and charged from the available Viber subscription balance.

UDELIVERED: The amount for undelivered Viber messages is refunded to the available Viber subscription balance.

EXPIRED: 24 hours later, all the pending Viber messages become expired and the amount is to the available Viber subscription balance.

It’s important to note that if your Viber subscription balance runs out while in progress of a Viber messaging campaign, your total account balance will be charged. In case your total account balance has insufficient funds, a top up must be completed before Viber messages are sent.

Account Balance Notifications

With Short URLs you can now share links, and no longer worry about the character limit of your message, altering the text’s uniformity, or distracting the subscriber’s attention.

Account balance notifications are here to help Apifon account users be instantly updated for:

Low Balance: “Based on the size of your list, the account balance might not be adequate to deliver the whole campaign. It’s recommended to Top up the Apifon account with additional €.”

No subscription: “We have not found an available Sender ID subscription for the date you have scheduled your campaign. Be sure to update your subscription before the scheduled date or no messages can be sent.”

For more information on our latest updates, how to register or enable a Viber subscription plan, please contact us.

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