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02 November 2018

Introducing Short URLs

URL shortener is a best tool for businesses and marketers to convert long and ugly URLS into short and attractive urls. We introduce you to our latest feature: URL Shortener.

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Here at Apifon our aim is to provide the best tools and features for you to create and send awesome messaging campaigns. In that spirit of constant improvement, we’re happy to introduce you to our latest feature:

URL Shortener

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Make it tiny and trackable!

When you insert a URL to your message body, our platform automatically detects it and a pop up appears to allow you to shorten it or place it inside the Viber button if it’s a Viber message.

You can track the click-through rate of your short URL in both SMS and Viber communication channels and get the inside scoop of your campaigns. You can also track which and how many of your recipients have clicked or not on your call to action and instantly measure how it performed.

With Short URLs you can now share links, and no longer worry about the character limit of your message, altering the text’s uniformity, or distracting the subscriber’s attention.

For more details on how to use short URLs, you can visit our Knowledge Base.

Stay tuned for upcoming updates and features.

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