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21 November 2023

Drive more revenue with Cs-Cart integration 

We’re excited to announce that integration with Cs-Cart is available!


In today’s digital age, the e-commerce marketplace has become essential to the business world. It enables companies of all sizes to reach a wider audience and increase online sales. But as the e-commerce marketplace grows so does the need for a multi-vendor software and marketplace developer, such as CS-Cart CMS e-commerce. 

Apifon’s integration with Cs-Cart streamlines the implementation process allowing brands to gain real-time access to their customers' data. And, once the integration is set up, data will sync from the brand's website to Apifon, including customer profiles and historical data. By the time this information appears on Apifon's platform, it enables brands to create multi-dimensional segments and send personalized emails, SMS, and Viber messages according to each customer's purchase and website activity.

This integration will allow businesses to synchronize the data of their CS-Cart with the Apifon platform and create highly targeted and relevant communication strategies. This means businesses can track customer behaviors on their website and communicate promptly and effectively while customers actively engage with e-commerce.

Deliver Personalization at Scale

After the synchronization process is complete, the user will have all of their customers available instantly as subscribers in the list and will be able to start personalized communications.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of Cs-Cart Integration with Apifon:

Reach your customers: Effective communication with e-commerce customers on their preferred channel is crucial for businesses. By implementing the appropriate communication strategies, businesses can cultivate stronger relationships with their customers, thus increasing customer loyalty. (The ability to reach a wider audience enhances the potential for growth and success in the e-commerce industry).

Strengthen segmentation: Cs-Cart customers synchronization with Apifon allows businesses to transfer customers from their cs-cart store to Apifon subscription lists. They can synchronize either all customers and subscribers at once or add only selected ones to their lists. They can also choose a certain subscription list for synchronization. Audience segmentation allows for the creation of highly targeted marketing campaigns. The e-commerce data will greatly enhance the segments that can be available for the users.

Onsite tracking: Monitor and collect data on customer behavior and interactions while they are actively engaging with e-commerce. Real-time tracking of newly registered customers or updates in customer communication details.

Collect valuable data: Apart from the CS-Cart audience data that are synchronized with the list, the historical data regarding the orders made in the CS-Cart are also retrieved. More specifically, for every order we retrieve the following information:

  • Order ID (identifier of the order in CS-Cart),
  • Order date/time,
  • Order status,
  • Order total (total amount of the purchased items),
  • Customer ID (identifier of the customer that placed the order in CS-Cart),
  • Customer email (email of the customer that placed the order in CS-Cart).

Optimize overall marketing efforts:

  • Seamlessly incorporate eCommerce data to target specific customer segments with promotional campaigns, discounts, and special offers, encouraging repeat purchases.
  • Personalize marketing messages, track customer behavior, and make data-driven marketing decisions.
  • Utilize detailed reports to measure and improve performance

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