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13 November 2023

Ensure your presence at all the major events with Date-Based automations

We are thrilled to announce that Date-Based automations just got better! 


Today, we’re making it even easier for businesses to get started and see success with Apifon.

We’ve released new and upgraded date-based automations helping businesses to maximize their efficiency and competitiveness in the modern market.

But what are date-based automations?

They are "smart" email automations that allow you to send scheduled emails on a specific date. The message may serve practical purposes such as reminding your customers of an appointment, a booking, a reservation, or an important event so they can live their lives more comfortably. 

You can also utilize date-based email automations to enhance your business marketing efforts. Send personalized messages that highlight important moments for your audience and nurture your relationships by making them feel important for being your subscribers. OR

In addition to their utilitarian character, date-based automated emails can be a great opportunity to boost your business’s marketing efforts. Send personalized messages that highlight important moments from your audience, showing that you truly care about them.

Introducing date-based automations:

The best way to keep your subscribers engaged is by using date-based automations. This involves sending emails to your subscribers on special occasions such as their birthdays, anniversaries, or any other date saved in your subscriber's audience field. With date-based automations, you can ensure that your message reaches the right audience at the right time.

There are three new date-based automations:

  • Recurring day. Utilize recurring day automations to surprise your contacts with personalized birthday greetings. Set reminders for regular events, subscription renewals, or important milestones, ensuring you never miss a beat.
  • Specific Day. Craft tailored messages for an upcoming event, follow up on appointments, notify subscribers with limited-time offers or mark significant moments in your audience's journey.
  • List Added Date. Keep the engagement alive by following up with subscribers who've recently joined your list or send them anniversary offers as a token of appreciation.

Automated communications based on specific dates offer numerous benefits to businesses. Some of the key advantages include:

- Increased efficiency: Date-based automations streamline repetitive tasks, reducing the need for manual email scheduling, and saving time and effort. Thus, marketing teams focus on strategic activities. You can set up campaigns in advance and let the system handle the rest.

- Consistency: Automated email campaigns ensure that emails are sent consistently and reliably, reducing the risk of missing crucial dates or events.

- Enhanced segmentation: You can segment your email lists based on various date-related criteria, allowing you to send targeted emails to specific groups of recipients.

- Cost efficiency: Automating email campaigns can lead to cost savings by reducing the need for manual labor and allowing businesses to do more with fewer resources.

These date-based automations also provide several benefits, including reducing human error, improving customer experiences through tailored communications, and simplifying data analysis and reporting.


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