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05 April 2024

Optimize campaign success: Leverage Campaign eCommerce Impact metrics

We are thrilled to introduce a new addition to our campaign analytics page, providing valuable insights into how campaigns influence recent customer orders.


Want to maximize the success of your marketing campaigns? With Apifon's Campaign eCommerce Impact metrics, it’s easy! These metrics provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of your campaigns, showcasing the shopping results of the campaigns on recent customer orders within the last 24 to 72 hours from the start of a campaign. The choice of this particular time frame is not accidental, as it has been proven that the audience has the highest response rates to marketing activities during this time frame.

IMPORTANT! Campaign eCommerce Impact metrics are displayed only to users who have made an integration with the Apifon platform.

You can view two key metrics regarding customer behavior and revenue generation tailored to your integration.

Total orders (24-72 hours): The total count of orders initiated within the 24 to 72-hour time window following the start of a campaign with "placed" and "fulfilled" statuses, indicating successful purchases made by customers in response to the campaign.

Total revenue (24-72 hours): The total revenue generated from orders initiated within the 24 to 72-hour window following the start of a campaign. It sums up the value of all orders placed during this time frame, providing a comprehensive view of the financial impact of campaigns on sales.

Why Campaign eCommerce Impact metrics are crucial?

To achieve success in your marketing campaigns, it's essential to consider the purchasing behavior of your customers and make informed decisions based on Campaign eCommerce Impact metrics. These metrics can help you identify what type of content resonates with your audience the most by bringing you the highest orders and revenue and what needs adjustment. This granular data is invaluable for evaluating the impact of your marketing efforts and allows for a better understanding of customer behavior. Utilizing this information, you can make informed decisions to enhance future campaigns and improve their performance.

Here's a helpful tip to improve your marketing strategy. Utilize Apifon's e-commerce segments to target your audience effectively through personalized marketing. After sending out your campaign, leverage Campaign eCommerce Impact metrics to view the orders and revenue generated over the last 24 to 72 hours. This will provide you with all the information you need to create personalized content for each type of customer, enhancing the overall customer experience.

In conclusion, Apifon now provides access to one of the most crucial metrics for campaign success. The Campaign eCommerce Impact metrics optimize your campaign performance and increase ROI effectively. For further details and guidance on utilizing these metrics, visit our knowledge base: Campaign eCommerce Impact metrics (

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