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01 May 2024

Target the right audience with OpenCart integration

We’re excited to announce a new integration with OpenCart that lets you connect your OpenCart store with Apifon's platform to power personalized communications.


This integration offers OpenCart users fresh avenues to connect with their customers and achieve improved results. By synchronizing your OpenCart store's data with Apifon, you gain access to tools like segmentation, campaigns, automations, and more, ultimately helping your brand grow.

As consumers increasingly seek personalized experiences online, businesses are moving towards building and reinforcing digital relationships. Now brands can use features like smart segmentation to ensure customers receive the right message. Especially, with this integration, OpenCart users can access Apifon's e-commerce segments to personalize and target SMS, Viber, and Email campaigns based on each customer's purchase and website activity.

But what else does this integration offer?

Powerful metrics

With e-commerce metrics, you can optimize your understanding of customer value, preferences, and purchase frequency and allocate resources more efficiently, enhancing decision-making, and promoting success for your e-shop. Also, with campaign e-commerce impact metrics you can identify what type of content resonates with your audience the most by bringing you the highest orders and revenue and what needs adjustment.

Automated workflows

Send to your OpenCart customers relevant and timely messages through date-based automations. This way, you can show them how valued they are by celebrating important moments and sending them personalized birthday and sign-up anniversary email messages.

Valuable data

Apart from the OpenCart audience data synchronized with the list, the historical data regarding the orders made in OpenCart are also retrieved. For each order, Apifon retrieves the order ID (which is the identifier of the order in OpenCart), order date/time information, order status, the total amount of the purchased items, the customer ID (which is the identifier of the customer that placed the order in OpenCart), and the customer's email.

This maximizes your e-shop success and revolutionizes personalized communications.

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