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07 June 2024

Summer Sales: Prepare exceptional omnichannel campaigns

In this article, we will share ideas, tips, and the best business messaging practices for the summer sales period to effectively reach your audience.


Summer is officially here, and the countdown for the 2024 summer sales has begun. The sales are expected to start on Monday, 8th July, and will last until Saturday, 31st August.

Summer sales present an excellent opportunity to reconnect with customers who have previously patronized your business and turn them into regular buyers. Take advantage of the summer buzz and boost your sales by sending messages via SMS, Viber, and Email.

Define Your Goals

Begin by envisioning a clear end goal of your summer sales campaign and start preparing by taking small steps. Before each campaign, it is important to thoroughly assess the needs and desired outcomes you aim to achieve from your promotional activities.

Identify Your Audience

Identifying and properly targeting your audience is the first and perhaps most crucial step for the success of any campaign. Having a clear picture of your subscribers' profiles, needs, habits, and preferences gives you the advantage of designing highly impactful campaigns that will capture your audience's attention during the summer sales.

With Apifon's ready-made segments, you can easily identify which subscribers are more or less active and get to know your most loyal customers. This way, you can design personalized campaigns for each audience category, enhancing their experience with your brand and driving growth to your business.

For example, an effective strategy for the summer sales period would be to focus exclusively on the audience that responded positively to your Easter campaigns and remains active, showing consistent interest in your business. This way, you can reduce the overall campaign cost and maximize its effectiveness.

Choose Communication Channels

Consider all the channels available to reach your customers and choose the right one to communicate with them. By choosing to communicate with your audience on their preferred channels, you maximize the chances of interaction and conversions.

Utilize SMS to plan a successful summer flash sale: Send SMS messages to your customers, informing them of limited-time offers, highlighting the ephemeral nature, and encouraging immediate action. Include a link to your website or online store and a promo code to facilitate immediate purchases.

Leverage Email Marketing for summer gifts or travel guides: Design attractive emails with gift suggestions ideal for the summer period or travel and activity suggestions to inspire your customers. Include beautiful images, detailed product or service descriptions, and links to your offers.

Send Viber messages to encourage action: Use Viber Business to encourage your customers to take action quickly and effectively. Send personalized messages that include special offers, discounts, or promotional activities, inviting them to visit your e-shop or website. Include an attractive Call to Action and a link for easy access to the offer. Additionally, you can use interactive elements like response buttons to facilitate immediate customer response.

Summer Campaigns: Best Practices and Tips

During the summer period, it is important to ensure that all your messages and visuals align with the season and are optimized to achieve maximum conversions.
Here are some tips to help you create effective messages and graphics:

Create a summer mood 

Prefer bright shades, summer icons, and classic summer elements like sun, sea, palm trees, and ice creams in your messages and graphics. Ensure that your summer design will adapt and blend harmoniously with your corporate identity. Maintaining consistency in the aesthetic your business exudes is very important for establishing and enhancing brand awareness.

Highlight summer discounts & benefits

Ensure your messages are clear and distinct, effectively communicating summer discounts, offers, or other benefits like free shipping or limited edition products. Use persuasive calls to action that will capture the user's attention and encourage them to make a purchase.

Design Landing Pages specifically for summer sales promotions.


Create Landing Pages designed specifically for the summer period, offering products, services, or offers that align with consumers' seasonal needs and desires. Incorporate summer images, colors, and graphics that will highlight the summer mood and drive visitors' interest. Remember, landing pages provide specific information and encourage visitors to take a desired action, significantly increasing conversions compared to the homepage, so it is very important to include them in your marketing strategy. 

Provide an outstanding customer experience

Boost your summer sales with bundle products: Try to group related products and promote them at a new reduced price. For example, if you have a cosmetics store, you can combine skincare and sun protection products to offer a complete summer care package.

Create summer tutorials or DIY videos: Provide instructions for summer activities, such as making refreshing drinks, preparing summer meals, or get-ready-with-me videos for vacations. This will add value and increase your audience's engagement.

Make personalized recommendations to your customers: Rely on their preferences and purchase history to enhance their shopping experience and boost the likelihood of them returning to your store.

By incorporating these best practices into your marketing strategy, you can leverage the summer sales period to increase your sales, improve your customer's experience, and strengthen their relationship with your brand.

Start today with Apifon and create summer campaigns that your subscribers will love!

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