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02 June 2021

Getting started with Apifon’s Viber Business

Welcome to the amazing world of Apifon’s Viber Business! Learn more about available features and how you can get started now.

getting started with Apifon's Viber Business

Did you know that the Viber app is one of the most popular chat apps worldwide, counting over 1 billion active users? In Greece 1 out of 2 people use Viber daily to chat with their friends, colleagues, and family.

What is Viber Business?

Businesses like yours can directly communicate with their audience through Viber by sending out messaging campaigns rich in content (up to 1000 characters, image, and call-to-action button) and monitor delivery, read and click rates, live.

Which features does it offer?

4 messaging layouts

messaging layouts


1. Text + Image + Call-To-Action button
2. Image only
3. Text + Call-To-Action button
4. Text only

Text message
Up to 1000 characters, lowercase or capital letters, in any language. Use of special characters and emojis is supported.

Use of images in jpeg format, 1:1 ratio and of an at least 400×400 pixels size is supported.

Call-To-Action button
You can add a title to a call-to-action button, up to 20 characters long as well as a hyperlink (url).

2 types of messages

Promotional messages are the ones using the following layouts: image only, text + image + call-to-action button or text + call-to-action button. They are usually used to send advertising and promotional messages.

Transactional messages are the ones using the “only text” layout. They are usually used for sending notifications, OTP (One-Time Password) and user id verification.

Business profile

business profile

Get a Business Profile within Viber app and include useful information for your audience such as:

  • Business logo
  • Company name (Viber Sender ID), up to 30 characters.
  • Description
  • Contact phone number
  • Address
  • Website

Two–way messaging

two-way messaging

Give your recipients the ability to answer your messages directly. Their responses are immediately available to you through the Apifon platform.

SMS Failover

If your recipients don’t have the Viber app installed on their device or haven’t connected to the app until the date and time you set (while creating your campaign), then Apifon’s platform sees it and can deliver your message through SMS.

Analytics / Reports

Monitor your campaign’s results live. Get access to campaign reports such as deliverability rate, click-through rate etc. as well as tracking reports such as delivery status, read status (seen) and interaction rates (clicks).


Activation process

activation process

 Online Contract – Signing a contract online with Apifon.
 Minimum Monthly Subscription Payment– Pay the minimum monthly subscription to activate your Viber Sender ID.
 Viber Business (Sender ID) Activation – Fill in and send an activation request in a word format, sign the Warranty Letter and send your business logos (size: 50x50px, 100x100px, 130x130px, 65x65px, 300x300px, 360x280px, 256x256px). Your Viber Sender ID activation by Viber takes 1-4 working days.


FAQs & Terms of Use

What does the service cost?

Apifon’s Viber Business service is offered on a monthly subscription basis. The amount of your monthly subscription is set, based on the recipients’ country.

The minimum monthly usage is automatically converted to an available number of outbound messages, it is prepaid until the 24th of each month and is active for the following month. In case you use up this amount, you can immediately buy additional messages. Charge per message is applied on every delivered message and its price is set upon agreement.

How do I activate the service?

Service activation only applies to businesses who have not used Viber Business before.

The activation process involves a Viber Sender ID (sender company name) application and is completed within 1-4 working days. With the completion of the activation the service is immediately available for use and Apifon offers a remission of the monthly subscription fee from day 1 of activation until the 24th of that first month.

Can I deactivate the service?

A company can own multiple Viber Sender IDs. Apifon’s Viber Business service can be deactivated up to 3 times per year for one or more Viber Sender IDs which and owned by a company. To avoid extra charges, a subscription renewal request is needed every month for each of your Viber Sender IDs. If we do not receive such a request, then your Viber Sender ID is automatically deactivated.

How do I reactivate the service?

Service reactivation only applies to businesses who have either used Apifon’s Viber Business service in the past or want to transfer their Viber Sender ID from another company to Apifon.

The reactivation process involves the reactivation of the Viber Sender ID (sender company name) and payment of the monthly subscription fee to start using it on the following month of the reactivation date.

To reactivate the Viber Sender ID and start using it on the following month of the reactivation, the monthly subscription fee must be paid until the 24th of the month the reactivation request was made at the latest (if the 24th is a bank holiday then on the previous working day) in order for the service to become available on the 1st of the following month. If the monthly subscription is delayed beyond the 24th, the service might not be available on the first day of the month and there might be a delay on its availability.

In the case a Viber Sender ID is active, and the monthly subscription fee is not paid, the Viber Business Service is deactivated and the Viber Sender ID won’t be available for use until a new reactivation request is submitted.

The reactivation process is completed within 3 working days from the request. Note that the monthly subscription fee is fully paid regardless of the date the service is activated.


Terms of Use

Viber has the right to permanently deactivate a Viber Sender ID in case messages with offensive content or messages to users who have not given their consent for communication are sent using that specific Sender ID.

In addition to that Viber imposes a fine in the case of a Spam Event. Sending a Viber message to a subscriber who has not agreed to receive messages from the Viber Sender ID and/or sending a message with forbidden content according to Viber’s criteria or according to the law is considered a Spam Event.

Start today & discover the magical world of Apifon’s Viber Business!

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