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07 February 2024

Valentine's Day: Maximize success with multichannel campaigns

Valentine's Day is just a breath away, and even if you’re not celebrating it in your private life, in the business world, without a doubt, it’s one of the most commercial events of the year!


In 2023, following the already established trend from previous years, the ecommerce sector was the most popular choice for Valentine's Day shopping remains. 35% of consumers preferred to buy gifts for their loved ones through e-shops and online stores.

Personalized experiences

Digging a little deeper into Valentine's Day preferences, another interesting statistic reveals a clear shift from consumers towards more personalized gifts. As announced by businesses themselves, they have achieved higher sales ratings than in the previous years, attributing this to customers preferring custom-designed products over more “generic” or traditional options.

This trend is not exclusive for Valentine's Day gift selection; there’s also an ever-increasing demand from consumers worldwide for personalized experiences throughout the whole year. In the world of business messaging and marketing, this need translates into targeted communication campaigns based on each audience’s specific needs and preferences.  

Multichannel communication

The combination of different channels to promote and communicate special occasion events and campaigns is the foundation of an integrated marketing strategy that can enhance brand awareness and maximize the success of any business. Communicating with your customers through different channels will help you increase conversions and sales!

Earn more impressions


Email marketing is one of the most popular and effective methods to get the attention of your customers, and Valentine's Day is no exception. It's a great opportunity to kick-start your campaigns by showcasing all the products and special offers you have prepared for the occasion. Start by designing an attractive email that includes striking images and visuals to create a romantic mood and to go along with the occasion: the celebration of love.

Email Marketing action plan

A week before Valentine's Day, start sending out your emails and present your suggestions through well-designed gift guides. Make your customers' "buying journey" easier by redirecting them to special landing pages with gift options based on specific criteria: e.g. gifts for women, gift sets for couples, etc. Improving the user experience on your website by providing immediate access to the products your audience is most likely to buy, you are maximising the chances of purchase actions!

Keep the enthusiasm alive!


Viber messaging also offers endless possibilities to help you keep your audience engaged. You’ll see how your conversion rate grows when you start communicating your unique gifting opportunities and offers combined with the dynamic content supported by the app. You’ll also achieve a better and memorable Valentine's Day customer experience by offering relevant content and fun interactions.

Viber messaging on fire

Include eye-catching images and videos in your Viber messages to gain your audience’s attention or even give your campaigns a more fun mood using stickers and emojis to create a close and friendly relationship with your audience.

Tip: Create special Valentine's Day stickers that will enhance the romantic mood even more.

SMS for last minute purchases

We all know that more than a few consumers will make last minute purchases. Take advantage of the immediacy of SMS to remind them of the offers you have, as well as to provide limited-time discount codes. Keep text messages short and clear, using verbs that prompt action, such as "Start shopping," "Secure the offer," "Place your order today," etc. Especially for Valentine's Day, communicating special offers via SMS can have a significant impact on your sales.

SMS marketing fever

When Valentine's Day arrives, first start with an SMS message as a reminder of current promotions and gift options available in your store. Throughout the day, send another message with a discount code valid for just a few hours to encourage last minute purchases!

Don't have the time to prepare your Valentine's Day campaigns? Take a look at Apifon's comprehensive guide with ready-made email templates, texts and free stock images. Start communicating today!

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