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05 February 2019

Viber Instant Messaging: 5 Key Channel Features

Viber for business can be a powerful solution for companies, mainly because their chat features are great tools for marketing. Check out 5 key Viber Instant Messaging features that will take your business to the next level.

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In today’s marketing landscape, where brands are competing for consumers’ attention, there is no better place for marketers to meet with their audience than messaging apps.

There are many choices out there but with above 1 billion users and used in over 190 countries, there’s no doubt Viber is a key player on the market. Here’s why you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to integrate this powerful channel into your marketing strategy.

Trusted messages

Viber must approve a business before it allows it to send messages to customers. That is, your company will get a branded sender ID, the company logo and a green V signature that indicates that you are a legitimate business.

Simply put, you will be easily recognized via your service name and logo picture. If Viber is an app that users trust, then businesses that are verified by Viber are trusted too!

Rich Content

Viber messages can contain up to 1000 characters in any language. That’s 6 times more than in a standard SMS. The great Viber asset, though, is the fact that it offers unlimited opportunities to create a stunning experience for the customer through its rich multimedia content. Users can receive pictures, emojis and CTA buttons, all in the same business message.

This is a great way to keep your customers engaged in a way that they already use to communicate with their friends. This advanced user experience will also drive them to perform actions and gain better click-through-rate.

Two-way communication

With Viber you can go beyond basic messaging. It gives you the option to communicate directly with your customers and have a dialogue with them in the same chat window where your service messages arrive.

The fact that consumers can reply creates a conversational relationship which is more human and builds trust between businesses and customers. After all, consumers value authentic brands that speak like a regular person. This is a great chance for you to increase brand loyalty.

Reporting tools

A great Viber feature is the fact that you and your team can gain valuable information about the status of you messages and customer behavior. Information like message delivery, read messages, time, conversion rates and the overall progress are all given in real-time, so you get to understand how end-users react to your messages. This way you get to know your customers better and improve your campaigns.

Market penetration

As mentioned earlier, Viber has already over 1 billion registered users worldwide. But here are some other quite interesting statistics: 260 million Viber users are concentrated in Eastern Europe and 100 million of them are located in Russia. It’s estimated that in Greece, half the population uses the app.

The average number of interactions every minute is 7 million and every user launches the app about 12 times each day. In other words, Viber holds a great market share which keeps growing. Combined with its cost-effectiveness, you have a powerful tool in your hands.

And if you are wondering how you will reach the customers that don’t yet use the app, fear not – apifon has you covered! It will automatically switch to SMS so you can rest assured your message will be delivered.

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