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02 May 2024

Mother's Day: Email & Messaging ideas for successful campaigns

An article with inspiring ideas, and ready-to-use materials to create special email marketing and business messaging campaigns for Mother's Day.


Mother's Day is a widely celebrated occasion in over 100 countries worldwide. In most of these countries, including Greece, it is observed on the second Sunday of May. This year, we will be honoring mothers on May 12th.

It is estimated that there are approximately 2 billion mothers around the world at present. Interestingly, Mother's Day is the third most profitable holiday of the year for florists, coming after Valentine's Day and Christmas.

We have compiled a range of tools, including ideas, tips, templates, and free images, to assist you in creating successful Mother's Day campaigns.

Recall some happy memories

Create an atmosphere full of happiness and love through your campaigns and messages! Keep your texts and artwork to "evoke" pleasant memories, such as a meal that only a mother can make so delicious or a sunny walk by the sea.

Incorporate verbs in your texts that express positive emotions and pleasant experiences, and add loving adjectives for the perfect basis for your campaigns.

Find ready-to-use email templates on the theme of Mother's Day and launch your campaigns.

Special offers and gifts

Like any seasonal occasion, Mother's Day presents a prime opportunity to create promotions and tailored deals to capture consumer interest. Consider offering product packages at reduced prices or providing free shipping for orders placed during this time.

Initiating a Mother's Day campaign is an excellent reason to give gifts! Start your campaigns by announcing an online giveaway, detailing how to enter, and encouraging your audience to participate by offering a small bonus with each entry. This strategy can help boost your business's brand awareness and attract new customers.

Inspire with gift guides

Prepare a gift guide for your audience by offering comprehensive options that cater to the diverse interests of every mother, like a small catalog of inspiration.

Organizing Mother's Day gift guides by category is one effective approach. Products can be sorted into themed categories, such as body care, facials, hair care, etc. This allows users to easily navigate through various options based on their mother's interests.

Alternatively, creating gift guides based on price range is another strategy. Grouping products according to price helps customers find something that fits their budget.

By providing these suggestions, you empower your subscribers to find the perfect gift to express their love and appreciation for their mothers while boosting your business sales.

Gift cards for last-minute purchases

If you're struggling to come up with a good gift idea for Mother's Day, don't worry! Gift cards are the perfect solution.

You can simply offer one and let your mother choose her favorite gift. Gift cards provide flexibility for those who don't have time to shop or are unsure of the perfect gift and prefer to allow the recipient to choose based on their needs and personal taste.

Moreover, gift cards are an ideal choice for those who find themselves without a gift at the last minute but still want to make a special gesture of love. Promote gift cards as a flexible and worthwhile option, making it easy for your customers to celebrate with their loved ones without the pressure of choosing the right gift.

When is the right time to start Mother's Day campaigns?

To ensure that your Mother's Day campaigns are successful, it is recommended to start them 1-2 weeks earlier in May. This will give your audience sufficient time to consider and select the ideal gift for their mothers. It is crucial to send reminder emails a few days before the celebration, especially to those who haven't made their purchases or may have missed your earlier communications.

Tips for successful campaigns

Focus on design: Use eye-catching images and vibrant colors to engage your subscribers. A well-designed and engaging email or Viber message can significantly boost your campaign's reach. Remember, when it comes to gifts, the wrapping that accompanies them matters a lot!

Are you looking for images for your campaigns? Find the most unique pictures in Apifon's free stock photo collection on Unsplash.

Ensure timely delivery: It is essential to guarantee on-time delivery for orders related to Mother's Day. Nobody wants to give their gift "after the holiday." Make sure to include information about the delivery time in your communications.

Think outside of the box: When planning your campaigns and recommendations, don't limit yourself to targeting only mothers. Instead, consider offering gift options that are suitable for grandmothers, sisters, and even pet "mothers". You can take inspiration from these different relationships and create custom campaigns that embrace them.

Get Started With Apifon to share the most genuine Mother's Day wishes, promote special offers, and build meaningful relationships with your customers on such a special occasion.

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