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26 December 2018

List Building: 8 Ways to Build an Effective Subscribers List

In this article, we are going to show you how to build an effective subscribers list from scratch or grow your existing one, with 8 smart ways. Are you ready to learn all the tips and tricks?

messaging tips-list building 8 ways to build an effective subscribers list

Before you start your business messaging strategy you need to have a subscribers list. An updated list is the key to all effective marketing campaigns.

Here are 8 ways that will help you build a list from scratch or grow your existing one.

Integrate sign-up forms into your website

Sign-up forms is an easy and effective way to grow your subscribers. You can use an app to create a sign-up form in just a few minutes, then publish it and get the URL. Alternatively, you can generate embedded form code and integrate it into your website, landing page or other media.

Code gives you more options because you can embed it on any landing page (with offers, announcements etc) that you create from time to time. You can also create banners and pop-ups (love them or hate them, they work!) to get the attention of your visitors.

Collect subscribers at your store

If you have a physical location for your business then you interact face-to-face with customers who are interested in your products. Launch a store membership and ask your customers to sign up in order to receive your exclusive offers. You can also print sign up forms and put them on the front desk or cashier to give your customers the chance to leave their email and phone number manually.

If you want to simplify the whole procedure, though, the use of a tablet is a great idea! Create a signup form the way described above, publish it, get the url and the new subscribers will be registered to your list automatically.

Find your people with Facebook ads

Use your social media accounts or other paid media to advertise you signup forms. You can create a Facebook campaign, for example, to advertise a landing page with your sign-up form and collect new subscribers. You can also give solutions to your potential customers’ questions and problems by creating a lead magnet and put it on your website.

Then run a Facebook ad targeting the people who are right for your business and advertise the ‘solution’ you offer driving users to your landing page. Your prospective customers will have to give their contact information in exchange for the solution.

Ask customers to sign-up when they make an e-purchase

Ask customers that chose you e-shop to purchase their products to leave their contact information and become your subscribers. Place a button in an easy to see area and ask for their email and phone number during the checkout process. Ask permission for future communications and give these customers the chance to follow their order, leave a review or receive personal recommending and offers.

Ask subscribers of an old list to opt-in to a new one

Do you have an older email list? Why waste it? Create an engaging opt-in campaign and send it to your old subscribers encouraging them to opt-in to a new list and receive your news through SMS. You can also remove all contacts who will not respond or are not interested. Keeping only engaged contacts will improve the deliverability of your campaigns considerably.

Offer free stuff

Offer something useful to your website visitors to get their attention and then ask them to provide their data in return in order to download it. A free ebook, a webinar, a white paper or a useful software tool are all good ideas and will work as a ‘sign-up reward’ in your database. Just make sure you offer something that you are an expert at and will add genuine value to your customers.

Run referral marketing campaigns

Referral marketing campaigns can help you grow your list deploying your most valuable asset, your loyal customers. Run a campaign targeting new subscribers by creating a reward program for those customers that will share your brand with their friends and family and will encourage them to become your subscribers and sign up to your list.

Use QR codes

QR codes is a smart and attractive way to grow your list from offline sources. QR codes are smartphone scannable pictures that will redirect people to your website or sign up form. Place a QR code on print ads like newspapers, press releases, brochures, leaflets, posters, business cards, packages, exhibition stands, store windows and cashiers. Couple that with an interesting offer and the subscribers will be all yours.

A good list full of interested customers and prospects will greatly help you maximize your marketing value. Remember though, it’s not just about building a list. It’s about building a trusting relationship with the people on it.

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