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18 December 2023

How to increase your subscribers with Christmas giveaways

Christmas is just around the corner and if you are looking for the best opportunity to promote your business, connect with your customers, and increase holiday shopping you are in the right place!


One particularly effective tactic is to organize a Christmas giveaway (competition). Giveaways are a 'clever' way to get your customers into the spirit of the season, encouraging them to make their festive purchases from your business. At the same time, it's a great way to show your appreciation to your existing customers and attract new audiences.

Tip: An eye-catching gift can help keep your brand name in the minds of consumers even after the holiday season is over.

What are giveaways?

It is an online "invitation" from a business to the public to take a desired action such as subscribing to a mailing list, interacting with content, etc. to win exciting prizes or unique benefits. 

Giveaways are typically conducted through the business's website, through specific sign-up forms created to serve the purposes of the contest, or through corporate social media through interaction on specific posts. In the end, the winner or winners emerge following a drawing.

But what is the best way to hold Christmas giveaways?

Although social media is increasingly filled with online competition, it still has its drawbacks. Just days after being published, social media content can get lost in an endless sea of posts, making it difficult for your audience to locate and interact with it. 

You can avoid this problem by publishing contests on your website. This way, you can place your announcement in a central location without worrying about it getting lost in the incessant flow of social media.

Pro-Tip: Use social media to promote your business giveaway by sending people to visit your website. This will drive more traffic while, at the same time, you can track user activity and how they interact with your content.

What giveaways offer your business?

Boost interactions: by presenting the right content on your website, you automatically multiply its traffic (organic). The increased traffic on your website can be extended to other important pages such as your e-shop or homepage, creating a "domino effect" of positive interactions and conversions. Be sure to capitalize on this advantage by strategically adding links and banners to the landing page that will take users to the pages you wish to drive them to. For some of the entrants, the contest will likely be the beginning of a strong relationship with your brand.

Earn new subscribers: An irresistible gift is an important incentive to attract new customers to your business. Through a Christmas competition, you can be at the center of consumers' attention, significantly increasing your brand awareness. The "noise" that will be created around your brand will allow you to communicate your actions and offer them to a larger audience.

Boost engagement: By giving your customers the chance to win a competition, you can boost their festive enthusiasm and joy. Your prize could help them cross a gift off their list or spruce up their holiday.

Stand out from the competition: During the festive season, all businesses seek to offer enticing incentives to gain consumer preference. This is one of the most competitive periods in the market and a well-planned contest can "turn the spotlight" on your business by giving it a significant edge over the competition.

Step-by-step how to design Christmas contests through the Apifon platform

If you have an Apifon account, you are just a few steps away from designing and organizing the most impressive Christmas contest!

  1. Start by creating a new list which you will name "Christmas Giveaway Participants". 

See in detail the process of creating a list within the Apifon Knowledge Base. Once you have completed the required actions you will have your list ready, which will be empty.

  1. At this stage you need a subscription form through which you will enter subscribers to the list you just created. 

From the Control Panel select "Subscribers", then "List" and go to the "Christmas Giveaway" list. Then select "Forms" and "Design with Builder".

  1. Choose to create a "Registration Form" and fill in all the necessary fields. Find detailed instructions for creating and editing a form on the Apifon platform.
  2. Once you have completed the registration form, don't forget to save the QR Code and the link that will lead the audience to your form.
  3. We're almost done! The last but equally crucial step is to create a landing page that will drive your form.
  4. To create a public Landing campaign: from the Control Panel select "Campaigns", then "Landing" and select "Add".

    Then select "Public", give your campaign a title, in this case, "Christmas Giveaway" and select "Create". 

    For more information on creating Landing campaigns visit Apifon's Knowledge Base.

  5. Now, select the list you created just before called "Christmas Giveaway Participants" to which you will link your campaign.
  6. You've just created the landing page and the final touch is to complete the design! 

    Choose vibrant colors, Christmas motifs, and engaging text that will catch the eye of your audience. Don't forget to include links in your content that will direct users to important pages on your website.

You are ready to start your Christmas competition!

For the draw process, all you need is to export the data of the participants from your list to an Excel file. Then, you have the option to utilize a random draw application. You can choose one of the many available free of charge on the internet.

Ideas for impressive Christmas competitions 

  • Donate your company's products or services
  • Offer gift cards for Christmas purchases from your business
  • Give away tickets to a Christmas event
  • Provide a festive dinner 
  • Set a cash prize

Encourage your audience to participate, like and share the competition! Be sure to track participation and performance so you can see what worked and what didn't for the next time you decide to run a contest.

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