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06 December 2023

Enhancing Christmas marketing with SMS messages

In this article, we will explore the possibilities of SMS marketing and how you can incorporate it into your Christmas marketing strategy.


As we approach the Christmas season, we will encounter thousands of advertisements and promotional activities. It is estimated that an individual is exposed to 6,000 to 10,000 advertisements every day through various digital and physical channels such as posters, emails, social media, etc. This means that customers are bombarded with information about businesses, products, and services, causing most of the received information to get "lost" in the constant flow of content.

Advantages of Christmas SMS Marketing

The open rate reaches almost 100%. A significant advantage of SMS marketing is that it relies exclusively on subscribers. The simple but crucial realization that consumers have chosen to receive messages from your business confirms their interest in the brand and gives you a significant advantage in capturing their attention and activating their purchasing interest.

SMS messages are read within a few minutes, making them the most su

ccessful way of direct communication with your customers.

During the holiday season, your business may decide to conduct offers, discounts, and other privileges that will be valid for a limited time. SMS marketing allows you to send real-time updates and create a sense of urgency. When customers receive notifications about exclusive offers or items back in stock, they may be more likely to “take action”.

Ideas for Christmas SMS

Most consumers want to organize for Christmas and plan their gift purchases. Those who are a bit last-minute can be encouraged by the brands they love. Inform your subscribers about your program. Send SMS messages that contain important information such as:

- When your Christmas collection will be released

- Store operating hours

- Shipping and delivery information

- Return policy for gifts

Christmas Offers

By employing effective strategies, a significant number of consumers tend to limit their spending, leading many to actively search for special deals and offers when making their holiday purchases within their predetermined budget. This presents an ideal opportunity to offer appealing incentives to your subscribers, motivating them to engage in purchases.

Try incorporating offers such as exclusive discounts, limited-time flash sales, gifts with every purchase, and free shipping into your actions, giving a significant boost to your sales.


Tip: Utilize data from your online store and provide personalized product recommendations and offers based on previous purchases or user activity on your e-shop. Targeted marketing campaigns can enhance customer engagement with your brand, maximizing conversions and increasing the chances of turning this audience into loyal customers for your business.

Share Wishes

As we approach the festive days, make sure to schedule a special message for your subscribers who will be celebrating Christmas and New Year's Day. Wish them a Merry Christmas and thank them for their support. If you wish, you can include a discount code to kick off their purchases for the new year.

This way, you can unite to showcase the human side of your brand and cultivate a stronger relationship with your customers.

Tips for Successful Christmas SMS Campaigns

1. Speak Like a Friend: Address your subscribers by their names and communicate with them by creating a simple and clear message. Provide necessary information without overwhelming the recipient.

2. Add a fun touch to your messages using Christmas emojis. Choose the appropriate emoji for each occasion to add vibrancy and immediacy to your messages.

3. Don't Forget the Call to Action: Every message you send serves a specific purpose. Whether it's providing exclusive discounts or announcing new products in your online store, give a clear call to action to your subscribers that will prompt them to take the desired action. Use verbs like start, don't miss out, grab, enjoy, etc.

4. Use Short Links: Keep your SMS short and within 160 characters by using tools that will limit the size of the links guiding your audience. Apifon's platform offers an integrated URL shortener tool to create exciting messages easily and quickly!

Examples of Christmas SMS


?Merry Christmas, [Dimitris]! The [company name] team wishes you health and joyful moments! Thank you for your trust!

Gift Suggestions

[Irene], Christmas is approaching! ? Discover holiday gift guides ? for [pet lovers, book enthusiasts], and impress your loved ones. [URL]


[Michael], start your holiday shopping today with a 24-hour discount on all products! Get up to 50% off on selected items. Hurry, time is running out! [URL]

Extended Offers

? [Niki], holiday offers continue until January 10th! Find your favorite products at unbeatable prices for an amazing new year! Shop now: [URL]

Useful Information

[George], ready for endless Xmas shopping? ? Due to increased seasonal traffic, we have extended our operating hours. Learn more on our website: [URL]

Use the Apifon platform and benefit from the competitive advantages offered by SMS marketing, elevating the Christmas communication of your business.


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