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01 December 2023

Email Marketing: Ready-made templates for Christmas cards and gift guides

The holiday season is the perfect time to connect with your customers. Utilize ready-made email templates to create impressive Christmas cards and gift guides for your business.


The holiday season is the perfect time to connect with your customers. Utilize ready-made email templates to create impressive Christmas cards and gift guides for your business. Carefully design your Christmas communications to excite your customers and unlock holiday success for your business.

What makes Christmas campaigns so special?

Increased Demand: People tend to shop more during the holiday season compared to the rest of the year. Christmas is the season of gifts, and most consumers are prepared to dedicate time and money to secure the most special presents for their loved ones.

Limited Time: Christmas is celebrated only once a year. The limited duration of promotional activities during this period enhances the sense of urgency, maximizing the chances of consumers making a purchase.

Christmas "Spirit": This time of the year is filled with positivity. Capitalize on the joyful atmosphere and intense emotions in your Christmas marketing campaigns. Share love, gratitude, joy, and wishes. "Charge up" your brand with positive emotions and thoughts that will linger in the minds of consumers whenever they interact with you.

When to send Christmas emails

Always remember that success is the result of systematic work and effort, and email marketing is no exception to this rule. Success lies in the actions you take throughout the year.

Email marketing relies on the connection and interactive relationship you have cultivated with your subscribers. The stronger the relationship you build with them, the more successful your campaigns will be.

Christmas campaigns can be classified into three stages based on the timing of their delivery:

Before Christmas

In our era, Christmas shopping starts earlier than ever. Correspondingly, business promotional campaigns should follow this trend by making an early appearance in consumers' inboxes. Research has shown that Christmas campaigns sent in November receive higher engagement and click-through rates compared to those sent in December.

With most businesses waiting until a few weeks before Christmas to start sending holiday emails, you have the opportunity to stand out early in a period with lower competition. Early Christmas emails are an excellent chance to capture consumers' attention, keeping your brand at the top of their lists for Christmas purchases. Simultaneously, you prepare them for what to expect from your business during the holiday season.

At this stage, choose to share unique guides presenting your suggestions for the most special gifts that will bring joy to your subscribers' loved ones.

Christmas Campaign

The most exciting time has arrived! Now is the moment to let the magic of Christmas invade your emails, enriching them with wishes, impressive graphics, and positive messages. Rely on the data from your previous campaigns and send personalized proposals, showing subscribers products that interest them. Combine personalized suggestions with exclusive offers or limited-time discounts to encourage your audience to make a purchase.

After Christmas

While Christmas may be over, your communication with your audience is not. Stay connected with your subscribers and set the pace for New Year's purchases! During this period, provide incentives to consumers who made purchases during your Christmas offers. Acknowledge and reward their trust with exclusive offers, free shipping, and access to new releases to maximize the chances of repeat purchases.

Why Create Holiday Cards and Gift Guides

Christmas Cards

People mostly create and send Christmas cards to their loved ones to express love and share beautiful wishes. Similarly, businesses send Christmas cards via email to their customers. These emails follow a simple structure, with a message featuring impressive graphics and images highlighting the festive atmosphere and a brief text revealing the purpose of the email.

Christmas cards can be designed in such a way as to convey wishes or encourage subscribers to take the desired action.

Ideas for Christmas Cards

  • Sending wishes for Christmas and the New Year
  • Offering free shipping for all December orders
  • Exclusive offers/discount codes
  • VIP customer rewards

Gift Guides

Facilitate holiday shopping for your subscribers by providing them with gift ideas. A well-designed gift guide can give your subscribers the push they need to make a purchase. Create emails with attractive and easy-to-read gift guides that represent your products and brand. Add images of each product and link them to your website.

If you wish to create a catalog with various products, consider designing a separate file (e.g., PDF) or creating a dedicated page on your website where you present your suggestions. This way, you can choose to highlight only specific exclusive previews in the body of your email and offer the guide as a downloadable element with the appropriate links guiding your audience to the corresponding section on your website.

Tip: Present product combinations and gift sets to increase the average order value of holiday purchases.

Ideas for Impressive Gift Guides

  • Gifts for him/her
  • Gifts for kids
  • Gifts for grandparents
  • Gifts for pet lovers
  • Gifts for adventure seekers
  • DIY (Do it yourself) gifts
  • Gifts for tech junkies
  • Christmas offers
  • Holiday gifts under 10, 15, 20 euros

Customize the gift guide to match the character and unique elements of your business, creating a unique result that your customers will love!

Pro tip: Design personalized gift guides for different customer segments based on their unique profiles and past buying habits.

Ready-to-Use Email Templates

Christmas email marketing is the perfect way to directly engage your audience and highlight the latest releases, best holiday deals, and personalized gift recommendations. Carefully organize appealing email marketing campaigns and boost your holiday sales. Capture your audience's attention with well-designed email templates and share exclusive offers, greeting cards, and shopping guides with your subscribers.

Need a little inspiration? Find ready-to-use email templates for holiday cards and gift guides to spread joy among your subscribers, multiplying conversions in your business.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to create a memorable holiday marketing campaign. Customize these templates to match your brand and connect with your audience during this festive season.

Happy Holidays!


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