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11 December 2023

Build strong relationships with your customers through Christmas messages [SMS & Viber messaging].

If you're thinking of harnessing the power of SMS marketing to reach your customers, Christmas is the perfect time to start.


Christmas is undeniably one of the most commercial seasons of the year, with the majority of businesses seeking original and effective ways to attract increased consumer interest.

Choose the Right Timing

A crucial factor that significantly influences the effectiveness of your campaign is the time you choose to send messages to your subscribers. A general rule is to avoid sending messages early in the morning before 8:00 and late at night after 21:00 to avoid disturbing subscribers during rest or personal time. Preferably, schedule your deliveries between 10:00 and 20:00 when people tend to be more active and actively use their mobile devices, increasing the chances of interaction with your message.

Extra tip: Remember that if the goal of your campaign is to encourage subscribers to take a specific action, such as Christmas shopping and special holiday offers, schedule your campaign well in advance. Plan a message a few days before the start of the offers to build anticipation and excitement among your subscribers. Then, send informative messages during the period or on the day of the offers to remind subscribers of the special privileges and emphasize that the time they have to make a purchase is limited.

Send Personalized Messages

Effective segmentation should be a fundamental characteristic of every marketing campaign. Consumers appreciate personalized experiences; specifically, according to McKinley Company, 72% of consumers exclusively engage with messages tailored to their interests.

Leverage valuable data such as gender, age, location, and purchasing preferences of your subscribers to design personalized campaigns that will capture their interest, maximize sales, and encourage repeat purchases. Address your subscribers by their names, provide targeted product recommendations aligned with their previous purchases, and create a mutually beneficial relationship with your audience.

Consumers receive a massive volume of advertising messages daily, especially during the holiday season. To stand out and maximize your communication impact, design your messages to be brief, targeted, and clear! Opt for direct language, avoiding introductions and general statements. Instead, use concise, clever, and catchy expressions that can grab the recipient's attention.

One picture is worth a thousand words.

Close your eyes and think about Christmas. What images come to mind? A Christmas tree adorned with countless lights? Gifts and moments with your loved ones? Whatever you imagine is undoubtedly better conveyed with an image than a lengthy text. This holiday season, harness the power of images and videos to wish and connect with your customers.

Discover aesthetically pleasing free stock images that will accompany your Christmas messages in the Apifon collection.

Don't Forget the Call to Action

Before designing your Christmas campaigns, consider the action you want the customer to take upon receiving your message. Do you want them to make a purchase using a discount code? Visit your website and explore your latest product releases. Expect a positive review? Whatever you want your customers to do, provide them with a Call to Action that prompts them to take the desired action immediately. Examples of strong CTAs include "Buy Now," "Enjoy 25% Off," "Discover More," and "Rate Your Experience."

Start the Countdown

Surely, you've heard of advent calendars, the calendars that count down the days until Christmas, offering a small reward every day. Consider organizing a countdown with daily or weekly messages to your subscribers that provide enticing incentives to make a purchase. Such incentives could include 24-hour flash sales, gifts with every purchase, free shipping, exclusive access to new product releases, double reward points in loyalty programs, and more. Create anticipation and excitement on the road to Christmas and boost your sales.

Emphasize Shipping & Delivery Information

Christmas is one of the most demanding seasons for businesses, as consumers rush to make their purchases within a specific timeframe. This increased order volume often leads to delays in deliveries, and no one wants to receive their Christmas gift after the holiday!

Emphasize shipping and delivery information, as it is a crucial factor for a consumer to proceed with a purchase from your business. Ensure to reassure your customers that they will receive their Christmas purchases on time and skyrocket their satisfaction.

Spread Good News & Share Wishes

Put aside sales pitches for a moment and focus on messages that spread wishes and positive news! It's an excellent way for your brand to stay top-of-mind and strengthen consumer loyalty.

Shape your message, both in text and visuals, to match the festive spirit of the season, sharing delightful Christmas vibes!

Follow the above tactics and use them in combination to maximize effectiveness. This holiday season, leverage the immediacy of SMS & Viber messaging to cultivate a strong emotional connection with your customers.

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