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25 January 2019

6 Key Features that make SMS Messaging Special

Have you ever wondered how popular SMS messaging really is? We've consolidated 6 eye-opening SMS messaging statistics for you to see for yourself. Let's find out why SMS Messaging today is more relevant than ever.

messaging tips-6 key features that make SMS messaging special

With a 25 year old history, you might be thinking that SMS is somehow obsolete. Statistics, though, tell a much different story. Even with the challenges posed by alternative technologies such as Facebook and WhatsApp, SMS usage doesn’t seem to decline. What is it that makes this humble method of communication so effective and how is it different from the other media? Keep reading to find out.

1. It’s permission-based

SMS marketing is permission-based marketing. That is, you need the user’s consent before you send your first sms in their inbox. In the era of GDPR, the opt-in culture is a great advantage for the businesses who want to build a valuable and trusted relationship with their customers. In other words, you show your audience that you respect their privacy and the audience is interested in hearing from your business.

2. It’s short and to-the-point

The 160 character limit of SMS, which is often seen as a disadvantage, is actually one of the channel’s great assets. With so much information to take in, SMS forces businesses to be as concise as possible. Customers, on the other hand, get the point instantly without any messing around. In all its simplicity, this sharp and punchy small bit of text can be optimized for great results by creative marketers. Plus, you always have the option to add a shorturl if you want to say more!

3. Instant deliverability

SMS is the most direct channel available to marketers today. As long as you hit send, your message reaches the recipient in about 7 seconds. Yes – SMS is a direct link between you and your target market!

4. High open rate

Not only your messages find their way in your customers’ inboxes immediately, but they are actually opened and read. Almost all of them. According to a Frost & Sullivan study, SMS messages have an impressive 98% open rate. Simply put, your messages will be seen by almost everyone in your list in a matter of minutes.

5. It reaches the recipient everywhere

Mobile devices are your customers’ constant companions. They’ve become everyday accessories that people always have in hand – like their house keys. This makes SMS a direct connection between you and your customers at any given time and place. Even if they’ve run out of mobile data and are not connected to the internet!

6. When it comes to SMS you have plenty of choices

SMS is a great channel for plenty of other things, besides promotions for sales. It’s a great media to improve your customer service processes. You can use SMS to let customers know their order is ready or to remind them their appointment. Also, think about confirmations, security checks, secure password resets or alert customers of fraudulent bank charges!

If you are still wondering if SMS is relevant today, the answer is simple: there has never been a time before that billions of people have had access to the same channel globally. SMS in not just relevant, it has a glistening future ahead of it.

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