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20 January 2021

Viber – Apifon: An innovation-oriented partnership that changed consumer communication profoundly

In 2020, Rakuten Viber celebrated ten years of free, interactive and secure messaging, and Apifon, as an official partner in Greece, wishes Viber happy birthday.

Viber – Apifon: An innovation-oriented partnership that changed consumer communication profoundly

In 2020, Rakuten Viber, the company behind one of the world’s leading applications for free and secure communication, celebrated the tenth anniversary of the worldwide launching of a new kind of messaging app – one that values ​​users’ privacy while utilizing mobile technology at the same time.

Over the last decade, Viber has become synonymous with free, interactive and secure messaging, enabling people to get in touch with each others, wherever they are.

Viber now has a strong presence in more than 190 countries and, through its app, more than 100 billion messages and calls have been sent and made, respectively, over the last decade. Overall, the app provides features such as messaging, group chat, group voice, video calls, communities and chatbots.

In 2014, Viber became a member of Rakuten Inc., a company that is at the top of the global market for e-commerce and financial services. Introducing Communities in 2018 was also a big step for the company, enabling administrators to create large group conversations with an unlimited number of participants. The following year, group voice calls were introduced.

Today, Viber continues on its way to becoming a complete communication platform, expanding its activities in fintech and offering the latest solution for payments via chatbot, while never abandoning its commitment to security aspects and protection of personal data.

Apifon introduced the first Viber with failover to SMS campaign in Greece

In 2017, the first corporate campaign utilising Viber and SMS simultaneously took place in Greece, through the Apifon platform. Since then, more than 500 large companies and more than 1000 small and medium enterprises have managed to achieve better communication of their services and stronger growth.

Great penetration in the Greek market

The penetration of Viber services nationwide now reaches 88% and, through synergies such as the one with Apifon, important sectors of the Greek economy such as insurance companies and banks have managed to gain greater flexibility in the way in which they communicate with their customers, improving at the same time the user experience and enhancing their own brand awareness. In the financial sector alone, in the context of digital transition and the use of new communication tools, more than 100.000.000 personalized Viber messages are circulated exclusively by Greek banks around the world, annually.

Efficiency and immediacy

Apifon, using Viber’s business messages services, offers its business clients access to the more than 750 million users of the popular app worldwide and a combination of multiple channels (chat apps like Viber, SMS, email) to promote their products and services.

In sectors such as retail, cosmetics and e-commerce, the use of Viber business messages leads to an increase in e-shop traffic that reaches 300% – 400%, which translates into an increase in turnover of around 30% – 40% and a rise in customer loyalty.

Viber – Apifon partnership

“We are very happy to be celebrating our anniversary with Apifon, one of our most important partners in Greece. Through this collaboration, we have managed to increase our traffic in Greece and in the wider region of SE Mediterranean. I wish both of us a bright future” says Ketty Gofer – Viber Partnership account manager.

“Viber’s business journey over the last ten years is really impressive. Our partner has managed to become a ‘giant’ in the field of instant business messaging, providing a secure environment for the billions of messages exchanged through the platform. Our relationship with Viber is based on trust and helps us to follow all the latest trends in the field of mobile messaging while, at the same time, offering innovative ideas to our customers. Apifon is committed to supporting businesses, offering the best messaging services through strong partnerships with high-level partners”says Apifon’s CEO & Founder, Konstantinos Stroumbakis.

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