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13 March 2020

Our people is our priority. Our main concern is your continuous service.

We are going through critical moments in world history. The latest news and events related to the expansion of the new Coronavirus (2019–nCoV) concern us significantly.

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Firstly, we would like to express our sympathy to all people and their families affected by the virus, as well as to all those who work tirelessly to keep us mentally and physically healthy.

As a technology company, operating both domestically and abroad, we were closely following the evolution of the 2019 – nCoV from its very first moment. Since the first few days, we realized that this virus had no relation with the common flu and that we would soon had to face it.

As a result, we immediately took the fundamental prevention measures not only at our headquarters in Thessaloniki, but also at our branch in Athens. We intensified the cleanliness of our offices and especially of our communal areas (kitchen, meeting rooms) and equipped all our departments with hand sanitizers. In addition, we gave up on morning hugs, and this was maybe the toughest thing we had to do!

However, the current situation requires more drastic measures to be taken. After all, prevention is worth a pound of cure. Prioritizing the safety of our employees and their families, we quickly implemented procedures which allow us to work remotely in a seamless way.

From today, the majority of our team is working remotely, while we continue operating with the minimum security personnel possible. Our team continues to serve your requests, no matter where it is located.

We remind you that we remain, as always, at your disposal through the following ways:


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