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08 December 2020

CEO INITIATIVE 2020: Apifon was present at the largest corporate forum of the year

Here is what CEO & Founder of Apifon, Konstantinos Stroumpakis, stated as one of the members of the initiative.

CEO INITIATIVE 2020: Apifon was present at the largest corporate forum of the year

The CEO Initiative Forum organized on Thursday, November 26, by FortuneGreece in collaboration with Tsomokos company, demonstrated the power of technology. It brought together “voices” from three continents, highlighted the ethics of leadership and corporate governance, emphasized initiatives that incorporate social progress as a key strategy, and shed light on the necessary synergies between the private and public sectors amid the pandemic.

More than 40 speakers were present from all sectors of the Greek economy, from large companies, institutions and the government, in an influential eight-hour forum that proved that the use of technology, when accompanied by the quick exchange of ideas and the involvement of high-profile, action-oriented persons, enables us to transcend the physical presence that the pandemic deprives us of.

Apifon and CEO & Founder Konstantinos Stroumpakis, CEO Initiative Member, participate in the initiative together with leaders from more than 30 companies.

Konstantinos Stroumpakis stated the following, in this regard:

“In recent months we have been facing an unprecedented health crisis that is changing our reality and is overturning everything we took for granted. At Apifon, from the very beginning, we responded to the challenges posed by the pandemic by understanding the need for more communication. Throughout the quarantine, we continue to operate and give “voice” to many companies, so that they get to “talk” to their customers through our platform, which serves multiple communication channels”.

He added: “The future is always the one you choose to build and I believe in Apifon and the potential of all those who join forces in order to turn the crisis into an opportunity. The motto of the CEO INITIATIVE FORUM, “Doing Well by Doing Good”, is more relevant today than ever”.

Watch the video:

Watch the whole forum here.

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