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26 January 2021

Apifon among the firms selected in the context of the Endeavor Scale-up program

The acceleration program of Endeavor Greece selects the most promising technology companies that have been founded by Greeks, with the aim of assisting with their international development.

Apifon among the firms selected in the context of the Endeavor Scale-up programme

The selected companies of the second cycle of Endeavor Scale-up, the acceleration program of many promising companies that was recently launched by Endeavor Greece, have been announced.

Apifon is among the nine companies of the second cycle that were selected according to specific criteria. The panel of evaluators consists of leading company executives of the market, members of the Board of Endeavor, and mentors of the network.

Through the program, entrepreneurs will gain access to strategic guidance from specialized mentors, to funding through Endeavor’s international investor network, and to talent, leveraging the organization’s collaboration with universities and businesses internationally. Also, the selected companies will have the opportunity to participate in international events, thereby gaining access to the network and the members of the organization worldwide.

Active in a market targeting more than 2 billion users – the estimated number of individuals who will be using messaging apps worldwide in 2021 – Apifon, the Greek company that has already partnered with Google and IBM, has been exploring partnerships that will strengthen its product and give impetus to its plans for further expansion abroad.

“Apifon is growing rapidly and the market is showing confidence in its services. In 2020 alone, more than one billion messages were sent through our platform. Endeavor is a business network with a global footprint and, through its program, entrepreneurs gain access to mentoring, coaching and funding through its international investor network. We look forward to cooperating and participating in the program, in the framework of our strategy for further expansion in international markets” says the Founder & CEO of Apifon, Konstantinos Stroumbakis.

From 1997 until today, Endeavor has selected more than 2,000 entrepreneurs from 40 countries in its global network, who have the potential – and many have already done so – to succeed globally. Endeavor came to Greece in 2012, amid the financial crisis, in order to bring a different way of thinking. In 2019 alone, according to the relevant report, the entrepreneurs of the Endeavor Greece network achieved a total revenue of 380 million euros and received funding of 120 million euros. At the same time, they managed to create 850 new jobs, reaching a total of 4,300 employees.

In his statement regarding the companies of the second cycle of the Endeavor Scale-up program, Panagiotis Karabinis, General Manager of Endeavor Greece, states: “With the addition of the new companies, Endeavor Scale-up supports a total of 27 companies. The main aim of the program is to select early the most promising technology companies founded by Greeks and to contribute to their international development, ultimately achieving their integration into the global network of Endeavor, as Endeavor Entrepreneurs”.

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