HR Policy

Information about how Apifon protects your privacy and HR data.

Last Updated: January 11, 2019

HR Policy

The process of selecting the right candidate is thorough and analytic. The aim of the procedure is to hire the right people who know who we are, what we do, what we expect of them, and that we have a culture appropriate for them.

To ensure that all who are interested in joining our team have equal opportunities and the abilities to start this journey, we have ensured that the selection process is flexible and comprehensible.

Gathering and Evaluating the CVs

The CVs are collected either from the database of our headhunting company or through applications sent by email.

As there will be a significant flow of CVs, it is more effective to evaluate them as soon as possible to identify an outstanding one. The appropriate CVs are archived as hard copy in a file titled with the job position.

When evaluating the CVs, the following is taken into account:

  • • Qualification requirements, both in relation to the specific position and for future prospects
  • • Work experience (if required)
  • • Gaps between jobs, irrelevant jobs, reduced responsibilities
  • • Appearance of the CV (presentation, mistakes, attention to detail) in relation to the position and the image the CV gives as a professional document

CVs that are not relevant to the job openings or other jobs in the company will not be kept in any record and will be deleted based on our Privacy Policy.

Communication with the Candidates

After selecting CVs for an interview, communication is established with the candidates and consists of two stages:

    • • Phone contact, which ensures the candidate’s availability for meeting on a specific day and time
    • • Electronic contact (ie: e-mail), which ensures the candidate has received all the information required for the meeting

First Interview

In general, the aim of the first interview is to determine the suitability of the candidate based on the following:

    • Capability: Reasons the candidate is interested in the position and how it coincides with their thoughts and plans for their professional career
    • Culture: Suitability of the candidate with the company culture and selected department, and ability to work effectively in particular job-related conditions

Second Interview

A second interview is requested with the candidates who are selected from the first interview. The candidates meet with the Supervisor of the particular job, HR, and if necessary, the Director.

As the second interview focuses on specialized topics, the role of HR is to facilitate the discussion, often by helping the candidate more effectively present some of their characteristics or competencies exhibited in the first interview and, on the other hand, support colleagues through the process in order to learn about important aspects of the particular position, which will help in the search for other corresponding positions.

Upon completion of all interviews, a candidate is selected. In the case that none of the selected candidates are suitable for the job, HR should restart the process to find new candidates.

Informing the Selected Candidate

The selected candidate is initially informed by telephone of their offer, which includes information on their monthly gross earnings, working hours and the date of employment, etc. If they agree, an email is sent with the above information as well as the Employee Data Entry Form, which must be completed and handed in on their first day or before if requested to do so.

In the case that the candidate was recommended by a headhunting company, they must first inform the candidate of their selection and then Apifon’s HR can contact the candidate according to the process described above.

Informing the Rejected Candidates

Candidates are informed by e-mail and separated into the following categories:

    • Candidates who passed the first interview
      If someone is clearly unqualified, an update will be given within 4 business days.
    • • Candidates who passed the second interview
      If someone is clearly unqualified, an update will be given within 4 business days. Everyone else will be informed later.
    • • In the case of a partnership with a headhunting company, the applicant is informed by them.

Upon completion of the selection process, a rejection message is sent to the candidates who were not selected, who, among other things, are asked for consent by Apifon to keep their personal details (CV) in their database. Depending on the candidate’s response there are 3 procedures that follow:

    • • If consent is given, Apifon will keep the candidate’s Personal Data for 6 months in order to call them if a job opens in which the candidate’s qualifications and work experience match that of the position. At the end of the 6 months, the candidates’ details and resumes are deleted.
    • • If the candidate does not give consent, their data is kept for 2 months. The purpose of maintaining resumes for the specified time period is in the case of a sudden interruption of collaboration with the selected employee. At the end of 2 months the candidates’ details and resumes are deleted.
    • • If the candidate does not respond to the e-mail, the procedure is the same as the negative consent.

All applications are considered confidential. Apifon is a company that gives equal opportunities to all candidates.

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