UBX Integration

Apifon integrates with Universal Behavior Exchange (UBX), so businesses can syndicate audience data and send Viber messaging campaigns.

what you can do

  • put data in use

    • get even smarter by syndicating with Apifon the audience data you use in UBX.
  • personalize your messaging

    • create and send highly targeted Viber messaging campaigns.
  • save time

    • easy integration for busy people. Focus on what’s important.
  • grow revenue and improve customer experience

    • data-driven marketing automations that directly benefits your sales bottom line.
  • enrich audience interactions

    • viber messaging enables you to blend rich visualization to create memorable user experiences.
  • make smarter decisions

    • track your performance over time and improve your campaigns’ effectiveness.

make it happen

create a Viber campaign

prepare your list, set up the Viber template, test and launch your campaign.

share audiences

head over IBM’s platform and start sharing your ΙΒΜ audience to apifon.

progress & tracking

gain access to campaign performance insights, through a wide range of KPIs.

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