IoT Research Engineer (Smart Water)

IoT Research Engineer (Smart Water)


  • As part of Apifon’s continuous investment in new product development, we are looking for an IoT Research Engineer to join our Research & Product Innovation team and our quest to expand Apifon’s range of products and services.

    If you take pride in your analytical and creative skills as an engineer and you are driven by the opportunity to transform industrial research into market-changing products, then you may be the person we need. We are looking for self-motivated team players who want to continuously expand their knowledge and skills, feel comfortable diving into unchartered waters and experimenting with new technologies, bring independent thinking and clarity into the analysis of problems and contribute to the design of new technological solutions.

    Your work will focus on wireless M2M connectivity for IoT applications. This a new research area for Apifon, where we leverage our expertise in engineering large-scale message-based communication infrastructures. Apifon has been carrying out R&D to develop a next-generation smart water management platform that makes use of the latest Low-Power Wide Area (LPWA) connectivity technologies. Apifon's platform will enable a pilot project with the second largest water utility company in Greece (EYATH), which serves 1,000,000 consumers in Thessaloniki.

    The project will research methods and technologies for reliable remote/wireless metering and control of water consumption in demanding urban locations, capabilities for complex event processing, analytics, data visualization, reporting, and alerting, and innovative consumer-facing services. This is a chance to work on cutting-edge challenges as part of a dynamic team of over 50 high-caliber professionals. Your role will have an immediate impact to the success of our product innovation strategy and to the continuing growth of our company.


  • ○ Help Apifon in creating a new end-to-end software platform enabling machine to machine connectivity for IoT applications
    ○ Help in applying this new technology to run a pilot with EYATH for smart water management in the city of Thessaloniki
    ○ Research alternative approaches, technologies and vendors for LPWA-based M2M connectivity
    ○ Evaluate the limitations and capabilities of different approaches, technologies and vendors through experimentation, prototyping and field tests under real conditions.
    ○ Develop proof of concept demonstrators comprising both software and off-the-shelf hardware components
    ○ Collaborate with internal and external teams to design experiments, analyze data and extract insights.
    ○ Assist with project management work, ensuring timely completion of high-quality deliverables.
    ○ Document the R&D process and communicate results through technical reports.
    ○ Stay up to date with new technology research and market research in the space of M2M connectivity for IoT applications, to identify new opportunities for technology-driven and market-driven product innovation.

Required Technical Skills

  • ○ Familiarity with Linux and Command Line Interface usage
    ○ Experience with development on Raspberry Pi and/or Arduino
    ○ Basic understanding of messaging Protocols (e.g. MQTT, AMQP)
    ○ Experience in Python and developing HTTP APIs

Desired Technical Skills

  • ○ Familiarity with LPWAN technologies (e.g. LoRaWAN) and RF communication concepts
    ○ Experience with JavaScript, WebSockets, Flask
    ○ Experience with version control systems (Git, SVN)


  • ○ You have an engineering school degree in Computer/Electronics or Telecommunications Engineering, and possibly a postgraduate degree.
    ○ You have 1-2 years of work experience as a software developer or R&D engineer which ideally includes some involvement in IoT applications.
    ○ You feel equally comfortable working with hardware and software, from setting up a Raspberry Pi or Arduino controller to read data from sensors to building your own software to process the data and create web-based user interfaces.
    ○ You have good oral and written communication skills in English and Greek.

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