Front-end Developer

Front-end Developer

About Us

  • Apifon is a technology company that develops business messaging services. It maintains offices in Greece (Thessaloniki & Athens), Madrid and Cyprus. Through Apifon platform businesses can grow their audience, create multichannel messaging campaigns, measure their performance and enable marketing automations to increase revenues and improve customer experience.
    All achieved through multiple communication channels like SMS, RCS, Email, Viber, and other chat apps. Apifon’s platform is used by marketing and operations teams around the world and across a wide range of verticals including retail and ecommerce, banking and insurance services, healthcare, travel and hospitality, logistics and automotive.


  • Apifon is looking for a mid-level Front End Developer to join our IT group in Thessaloniki. The appropriate candidate will be part of a team responsible for the analysis, design, development and testing of web applications that are intended for marketing campaigns, bi and analytics

Main responsibilities

  • ○ Develop new user-facing features
    ○ Build reusable components and libraries
    ○ Solve user interaction problems and ensure the feasibility of UI/UX designs
    ○ Shape and validate user inputs
    ○ Optimize applications for perceived and actual performance, and scalability
    ○ Collaborate with other team members
    ○ Contribute to a stable, high performing web property


  • Proficiency with:

    ○ Essential web markup, including HTML5, CSS
    ○ Responsive Web Design, Fluid Layouts, Media Queries
    ○ Front-end CSS frameworks, material design
    ○ Server-side CSS pre-processing, such as LESS, SASS, Grunt, Node.js and Bower
    ○ JavaScript, JS Frameworks and libraries like Angular, React, JQuery
    ○ Cross-browser compatibility issues and ways to solve for them
    ○ Front-end optimization tools
    ○ Code versioning tools, such as SVN, Bitbucket, Git
    ○ Excellent knowledge of PHP, MySQL
    ○ Solid understanding of object oriented programming and design patterns
    ○ Good knowledge of AJAX, HTML5, CSS3 and AngularJS or equivalent JavaScript Framework
    ○ Strong background in Web Services (REST, SOAP, JSON)
    ○ Good understanding of Java EE Architecture and Enterprise Web applications

    Demonstrated familiarity with:

    ○ Design Patterns and Pattern Libraries
    ○ CSS GRID
    ○ RESTful services and APIs
    ○ Continuous Integration / Delivery
    ○ Responsive web design with media queries and progressive enhancement
    ○ Familiarity with unit testing and continuous integration best practices
    ○ Experience in Zend Framework, Spring, Maven, TeamCity, JIRA is a plus
    ○ Knowledge SOA principles
    ○ Experience in Linux or UNIX OS

Education/ Experience/ Abilities:

  • ○ Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or relevant field
    ○ 4+ years’ experience web development with a demonstrable focus on front-end skills
    ○ Up-to-the-moment knowledge of front-end web development, and an “always learning” ethic
    ○ Ability to work independently, with strong team collaboration experience
    ○ Ability to provide on call support of assigned applications

Personal Characteristics:

  • ○ Strong analytical and problem solving skills
    ○ Ability to work independently and also as part of a team
    ○ Excellent interpersonal and team building skills
    ○ Highly self-motivated and methodical, with attention to detail

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