Front-end Developer

Front-end Developer

Apifon is looking for a mid-level Front End Developer to join our IT group in Thessaloniki. The appropriate candidate will be part of a team responsible for the analysis, design, development and testing of web applications that are intended for marketing campaigns, bi and analytics

Main responsibilities

  • ○ Develop new user-facing features
    ○ Build reusable components and libraries
    ○ Solve user interaction problems and ensure the feasibility of UI/UX designs
    ○ Shape and validate user inputs
    ○ Optimize applications for perceived and actual performance, and scalability
    ○ Collaborate with other team members
    ○ Contribute to a stable, high performing web property


  • Proficiency with:

    ○ Essential web markup, including HTML5, CSS
    ○ Responsive Web Design, Fluid Layouts, Media Queries
    ○ Front-end CSS frameworks, material design
    ○ Server-side CSS pre-processing, such as LESS, SASS, Grunt, Node.js and Bower
    ○ JavaScript, JS Frameworks and libraries like Angular, React, JQuery
    ○ Cross-browser compatibility issues and ways to solve for them
    ○ Front-end optimization tools
    ○ Code versioning tools, such as SVN, Bitbucket, Git
    ○ Excellent knowledge of PHP, MySQL
    ○ Solid understanding of object oriented programming and design patterns
    ○ Good knowledge of AJAX, HTML5, CSS3 and AngularJS or equivalent JavaScript Framework
    ○ Strong background in Web Services (REST, SOAP, JSON)
    ○ Good understanding of Java EE Architecture and Enterprise Web applications

    Demonstrated familiarity with:

    ○ Design Patterns and Pattern Libraries
    ○ CSS GRID
    ○ RESTful services and APIs
    ○ Continuous Integration / Delivery
    ○ Responsive web design with media queries and progressive enhancement
    ○ Familiarity with unit testing and continuous integration best practices
    ○ Experience in Zend Framework, Spring, Maven, TeamCity, JIRA is a plus
    ○ Knowledge SOA principles
    ○ Experience in Linux or UNIX OS

Education/ Experience/ Abilities:

  • ○ Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or relevant field
    ○ 4+ years’ experience web development with a demonstrable focus on front-end skills
    ○ Up-to-the-moment knowledge of front-end web development, and an “always learning” ethic
    ○ Ability to work independently, with strong team collaboration experience
    ○ Ability to provide on call support of assigned applications

Personal Characteristics:

  • ○ Strong analytical and problem solving skills
    ○ Ability to work independently and also as part of a team
    ○ Excellent interpersonal and team building skills
    ○ Highly self-motivated and methodical, with attention to detail

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