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Talent Acquisition Specialist

We are looking for a passionate Talent Acquisition Specialist. In this role, you will be responsible for determining job requirements, screening candidates, and forecasting hiring needs. You may also be required to promote our company's brand with recruitment initiatives and events.

To ensure success as a talent acquisition specialist, you should possess extensive experience as a recruiter and the ability to attract the perfect candidate for each role. Accomplished talent acquisition specialists are attuned to the hiring needs of their company and contribute to its success by hiring talented and reliable candidates.

Key duties and responsibilities

• Liaising with internal departments to determine recruitment needs.
• Determining selection criteria, hiring profiles, and job requirements for vacant positions.
• Sourcing potential candidates through online company career portals, recruitment sites, job boards, social platforms, as well as print media, posters, and flyers, when required.
• Managing hiring processes via electronic Applicant Tracking Systems.
• Evaluating applications and screening candidates via calls or emails, as well as facilitating pre-interview assessments.
• Compiling interview questions and conducting in-person or video call interviews with shortlisted candidates.
• Preparing hiring forecasts as part of the company's strategic planning.
• Documenting processes and fostering good relationships with potential candidates and past applicants.
• Developing hiring strategies and procedures in line with industry trends, as well as keeping informed of advancements in the field.Be aware of and comply with corporate policies and procedures
• Report any identified non-conformities related to Apifon Platform and services provided
• Report information security events and vulnerabilities to the Information Security Officer
• Keep job descriptions updated
Desired Qualifications

• Bachelor's degree in human resources management, or similar.
• 2-3 years of experience as a talent acquisition specialist, or similar.
• Certification obtained from the HR Certification Institute would be considered a plus.
Soft Skills

• Ability to liaise with internal departments and develop hiring strategies and profiles.
• Advanced knowledge of effective hiring platforms that attract suitable applicants.
• Exceptional ability to screen candidates, compile shortlists and interview candidates.
• Experience in creating awareness of the company brand and establishing professional relationships with candidates.
• Proficiency in documenting processes and keeping up with industry trends.
• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

• Being part of an inspiring and friendly environment
• An annual amount for training purposes in order to develop your skills and expertise
• A great opportunity to grow and work with the most amazing people in the industry
• Private Health Coverage on a Company’s group program (requires one-year work)

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